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Closing A Career Gap On Your Resume

I often work with clients understandably worried about how to overcome a gap in their career history. Whether you left the job market by choice or otherwise – in my experience working with out-of-work clients is that b[...]

4 Tips For Landing A New Job Before It Is Advertised

These days, with the economy being quite tight and consumer confidence rather up and down, the job landscape is very competitive. As a result, you will often find yourself having to go up against hundreds, if not even th[...]

How To Get Past A Stall In Your Business Career

In your working life, there’s not much worse than feeling like a hamster on a wheel, doing the same things every day and not getting anywhere. It’s miserable to have been at a job for too long without a promo[...]

Preventing Employee Theft And Fraud

Your applicant walks in the door at the right time for their interview. They sit down, and give you all the indicators that they are the perfect fit for your job opening. You end up hiring this person. A few years later,[...]

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Applicants Make On Their Cover Letters

Composing multiple cover letters during an ongoing job search may prove challenging for some. It can be very time consuming to write a specific cover letter for each job you’re applying to. Applicants may often wonder [...]

What’s The Difference Between Exempt And Non-Exempt Workers?

Most jobs are governed by FLSA and classified as either “exempt” or “non-exempt”. Occasionally, employees in certain occupations (i.e. agricultural workers, railroad workers) are excluded from FLSA because of inc[...]

Avoiding Overtime Without Saying “No”

Most people get excited when they are asked to work overtime. They know that they will be able to get a higher paycheck and earn more money. With the extra money, they are able to splurge a bit on themselves, pay more to[...]

How To Communicate Schedule Expectations To Your Boss

Expectations within the workplace exist in duality. There’s what your employer expects from you and what you expect from your employer. Typically, during the interview phase, an opportunity exists to discuss the schedu[...]

6 Jobs You Can Get With A Degree In School Counseling

6 Jobs You Can Get With A Degree In School Counseling

Working as a school counselor is undoubtedly a fulfilling career. However, even when you have a degree in the field and plenty of experience, jobs working in a school setting may not always be available. Growth within th[...]

Illegal Interview Questions

Illegal Interview Questions (And How To Handle Them)

Interviews can be stressful and awkward experiences for both the interviewee and interviewer, depending on their experience level. Sometimes in an effort to get to know a candidate more or to break the ice, interviewers [...]

Balloon-filled office

Office Pranks To Pull On Your Co-workers

Working in an office during the week can become a bit dull. If you want to try one of these office pranks, be sure not to cross the line. There is a big difference between pranking a co-worker and being shown the door an[...]

Tell Me About Yourself

How To Answer: Tell Me About Yourself (Examples Included)

What are the top three things to know about responding to “Tell me about yourself” during an interview? “Tell me about yourself” is your chance to orient the interviewer to your professional strengths and fit for[...]

Why Should We Hire You?

How To Answer: Why Should We Hire You? (Examples Included)

hen asked “Why should we hire you?” all possible responses should reduce to this: “You should hire me because I’m the best fit for the job.” That’s really all you are trying to communi[...]

What A Career As A Character Designer Can Offer You

There are a lot of fascinating careers but none really come close to the opportunities that come with working as a Character Designer. Whether it be for the movies, TV, video games or animation, there is a need for someo[...]

Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

How To Answer: Do You Have Any Questions For Me? (Examples Included)

This question provides you the opportunity to go on a fact-finding mission. This is your chance to get more details that to help you assess whether the company is a good fit for YOUR needs. Usually, interviewees focus on[...]

What Are Your Strengths?

How To Answer: What Are Your Strengths? (Examples Included)

Some people cower at the thought of professing their strengths during an interview. Others gladly boast of dozens. When answering this question-What Are Your Strengths?-interviewees need to strike a balance between (a) k[...]

What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

How To Answer: What Is Your Greatest Weakness? (Examples Included)

Of all interview questions, “What is your greatest weakness?” likely causes the most dread. People struggle to determine whether they should try to turn a strength into a weakness, whether they should share a[...]

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

How To Answer: Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? (Examples Included)

In the same way that many college students fret over “giving the professor what she wants,” so too do interviewees wonder how to appropriately answer this question. Do I show ambition? Or will that make the i[...]

Interviewing 101: The Follow-Up Process

The follow-up process is crucial to the interview process. The interview may be over, but that does not mean you have to throw etiquette out the window. In addition to sending a personal thank you note, it is imperative [...]


How To Kick Your Job Search Off The Right Way With LinkedIn

If you’re looking for jobs online, you have a lot of different choices available and limited time to spend! So it’s important to choose a strategy that’s going to give you the most for your effort, and LinkedIn’s[...]


How To Get Started On Your Resume

So you’re a new graduate getting ready to apply for jobs, and you know you need a resume. Or maybe you already have a resume—from summer job applications or a career workshop, say—but you know it isn’t up to snuf[...]

Tips For Career Branding Success

Setting yourself apart from other job hunters is a difficult task! You want to convey an image of success and value while showing promise to a potential employer. How do you enhance your personal brand to showcase your s[...]

How Do I Choose The Right Career Path?

If you are unsure what career path you want to follow, how do you figure it out? What is the answer? There are many questions that you will need to ask yourself in order to choose the best career path. Maybe you do know [...]

How The Wrong Body Language Can Hurt Your Interview

Throughout the job interview process, you may be faced with questions that may conjure up negative thoughts you longed to suppress. Did you have an overbearing, rude boss? Were you terminated from your last position? Reg[...]

Research A Company Before Your Job Interview

You’ve probably read plenty of advice telling you to research a company before you interview. And you’ve been told that all kinds of bad things will happen if you don’t. It’s actually true. You’re very unlikely[...]

How To Write A Cover Letter

Like a resume, your cover letter needs to immediately catch and hold your potential employer’s attention. This means you need to highlight things about yourself that are impressive and unique—and, more importantly, y[...]

Methods Of Assessments For Group Interviews

What are the specifics of the various group interview formats? What can you expect? Below, we will highlight the areas you can expect to see at your next group interview. Each company or small business conducts his or he[...]

Switching Careers: Transferring Your Skills

The prospect of switching careers can seem scary or even hopeless: if you do feel this way, a large part of the reason might be because you don’t think you meet the minimum skill requirements for a position outside you[...]

Networking Tips For The Job Seeker

Networking with other industry professionals may seem time consuming for many job seekers. Networking allows job seekers to possibly hear of new insider information or open positions before they are posted on the Interne[...]

How To Use Keywords To Strengthen Your Resume

As all job seekers have had to learn, in today’s job market, it’s important to do absolutely everything you can to make your resume stand out to employers. There are growing numbers of industry-specific job boards wh[...]

Avoiding Relationships At Work Is Bad For You

Avoiding Relationships At Work Is Bad For You

Every so often I encounter a person who has taken the moral high ground that they shouldn’t have to have relationships with people they work with. The rationalization put forth can be in a combination of the following:[...]

Things To Consider Before You Accept A Job Offer

After all of your preparation and hard work, you have landed a job offer. Congratulations! Maybe you thought this day would never come, but guess what? IT DID! So, you have been offered the position at the company! What [...]

Mistakes To Avoid During Your Interview

The interview process can bring anxiety and fear to many interviewees, which in turn, can fatally affect an interview. It is natural to be nervous before and during your interview, but it is imperative to avoid interview[...]

Important Resume Do’s and Don’ts

I’m going to list and briefly describe some common mistakes job seekers make when writing their resumes; I’ll also list and briefly describe some important things to keep in mind while writing your resume. Th[...]

Tips To Remember When Changing Careers

Maybe you are unsatisfied with your current career and wish to find a new position. Or maybe you are guilty of hopping from job to job to gain more experience and refine your skill set. Hopping from career to career can [...]

Tips For Making A Successful First Impression At A Job Interview

Yes, you have heard this before: “Dress for success!” What exactly does that mean to you, and more importantly, what does the mean to your potential employer? You may think to yourself, “Ahh! What am I going to wea[...]

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

When writing your resume, your primary goal is to stand out from your competitors. Of course, you also need to demonstrate required qualifications and skills; but odds are, you can safely assume that most if not all of y[...]

How Do I Acquire Career Related Experience?

Maybe you have heard variations of the phrase, “You need to gain more experience. Please apply again when you have more to add to your resume.” With many entry-level positions, there may be the statement that you do [...]

Preparing For Your Next Interview

When interviewing, it may seem like you are the one who should answer all of the questions. It is important to remember that you should ask the interviewer questions as well. Many interviewers will give you the chance to[...]

Here’s What A Master’s Degree Can Do For Your Nursing Career

If you have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you’re already qualified for many well-paid nursing jobs. But a BSN isn’t the end of the educational road for nurses. A Master of Science in Nursing can open many doors t[...]

Essential Building Blocks For Building A Standout Resume

Building a professional resume is fundamental for any job search. Here are the essential building blocks for building a standout resume. Many of these essentials are overlooked constantly and you can differentiate yourse[...]

Fundamental Components Of A Chronological Resume

In this article, I’ll list and briefly explain the different sections you can include in a chronological resume. Before beginning, I just want to note that a chronological resume is the most common type of resume, [...]

Eight Steps To An Attention-Getting Resume

As much as social media plays a significant role in your job search, resumes haven’t gone away. Regardless of industry, they are still the one document recruiters and hiring managers use to make an initial screening de[...]

How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Resume

In today’s job market, most applications are submitted online, and many employers simply enter all the resumes they receive into searchable databases. Developing technology allows sophisticated software (called an Appl[...]

How To Conquer Interview Anxiety

For many individuals, including myself, have intense anxiety when it comes to job interviews. Will you give the appropriate responses? Do I look terrible in this dress? Why is the interviewer pausing so long between ques[...]

Tracking Accomplishments To Update Your Resume

According to just about every hiring manager, recruiter, and resume advice expert out there, in today’s job market, achievements are more important to crafting a successful resume than job responsibilities or dutie[...]

What Are The Parts Of A Successful Cover Letter

Just like a resume, a cover letter should include several important sections. Though it might seem easier or more natural to think about a resume in terms of sections (after all, each section is marked by a headline), th[...]

Why Haven’t I Heard Back After My Job Interview?

You are asking yourself, “What happened?!” You may have had a successful and positive interview, but you never heard back from your potential employer. You performed all of the right steps: positive attitude, practic[...]

we all have leadership inside us

5 Traits Of A Leader That Make You Promote-able

A common misperception that many people have about being a Leader is that you were born with those traits. Some people are “natural born Leaders” and other people aren’t. The good news is that those traits are well[...]

Tips For Writing An Email Cover Letter

Many job listings these days link applicants to a complete online application form where you can fill out some information about yourself, upload your resume and cover letter (and, in some cases, writing or portfolio sam[...]