Interviewing 101: The Follow-Up Process

Chelsea Lawler

The follow-up process is crucial to the interview process. The interview may be over, but that does not mean you have to throw etiquette out the window. In addition to sending a personal thank you note, it is imperative that you follow-up with the hiring manager of the company! The follow-up process shows the company and interviewer that you are still interested in being considered for the position. You do not want to come across as too desperate or a bother to the hiring manager. So, how do you handle the situation in a delicate manner? We will discuss several avenues for you to explore throughout the follow-up process.

1. Find the Individual in Charge of Your Interview

Did you happen to write down whom you interviewed with? Do you have his/her contact information? I hope so! If so, reach out to them during business hours. If you are too nervous to call and speak with them, it is acceptable to send a follow-up message to their work e-mail. Do not call or e-mail them every, single day. The rule of thumb is to follow-up once a week.

2. What Do You Say?

You definitely do NOT want to blurt out, “Hey, did I get the job or what?!” NOPE. Bad idea! It is important to think of what you will say in your phone call or e-mail. You want to keep the conversation/e-mail professional. Inform your potential employer of your interest in the position as well as the status of the position. It is acceptable to discuss a topic of interest to both you and the interviewer (a product their company designs or news about the company). Maybe you recently completed further education or training in an area that pertains to the company. Think about what you say very carefully before you call or e-mail the hiring manager.

Tips for the Follow-Up Process

  1. At the end of your interview, it is appropriate to politely ask your interviewer when they expect to make a decision in regards to the hiring process.
  2. Show enthusiasm!
  3. Be sure to have the correct names and contact information for the individuals with whom you interviewed.
  4. Write a thank you note!
  5. Show your interest in your follow-up e-mail or phone call. Casually remind the employer why you are the right fit for the position.
  6. Check your spelling! Maybe this seems obvious, but it is imperative that you proofread your thank you note or follow-up e-mail.
  7. Practice your follow-up phone call! Do not memorize it word for word, but think about how you may start the conversation.
  8. Establish a positive and strong rapport with your hiring manager/interviewer.
  9. If the hiring manager/interviewer asks you to follow-up after the interview, you NEED to follow-up with them. Do not seem too eager or desperate for the position, but show your enthusiasm and interest.
  10. The most important aspect of the follow-up process is to be PATIENT! If this is not the job for you, do not worry! There will be other opportunities for you!

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