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How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Resume

In today’s job market, most applications are submitted online, and many employers simply enter all the resumes they receive into searchable databases. Developing technology allows sophisticated software (called an Appl[...]

How To Conquer Interview Anxiety

For many individuals, including myself, have intense anxiety when it comes to job interviews. Will you give the appropriate responses? Do I look terrible in this dress? Why is the interviewer pausing so long between ques[...]

Tracking Accomplishments To Update Your Resume

According to just about every hiring manager, recruiter, and resume advice expert out there, in today’s job market, achievements are more important to crafting a successful resume than job responsibilities or dutie[...]

What Are The Parts Of A Successful Cover Letter

Just like a resume, a cover letter should include several important sections. Though it might seem easier or more natural to think about a resume in terms of sections (after all, each section is marked by a headline), th[...]

Why Haven’t I Heard Back After My Job Interview?

You are asking yourself, “What happened?!” You may have had a successful and positive interview, but you never heard back from your potential employer. You performed all of the right steps: positive attitude, practic[...]

we all have leadership inside us

5 Traits Of A Leader That Make You Promote-able

A common misperception that many people have about being a Leader is that you were born with those traits. Some people are “natural born Leaders” and other people aren’t. The good news is that those traits are well[...]

Tips For Writing An Email Cover Letter

Many job listings these days link applicants to a complete online application form where you can fill out some information about yourself, upload your resume and cover letter (and, in some cases, writing or portfolio sam[...]

How Much Does Super Mario Make?

How Much Does Super Mario Make?

To find out how much Super Mario makes, we need to know his occupation and location. His occupation is plumber and he resides in Brooklyn, New York. A Plumber In New York makes an average of $69,580 a year which is $33.4[...]

Being The CEO Of Your Career

You’ve been at your current job for years. On the surface, things seem fine. But, you wonder why you haven’t received a promotion by now. You wish you could continue your education. And, how is someone much younger t[...]

Career & Personal Branding 101: Who Are You?

It is the ideal career branding question: “Who are you?” You may want to reply with general information such as your name, age, and place of employment. With practice, you will find that you do not want to answer the[...]

What Is The Interviewer Looking For In A Candidate?

As the interviewee, you know what you want out of a job interview. You want information concerning the position, compensation, and the company culture. But, did you stop and think about the person who will be interviewin[...]

Tips To Ace Your Next Job Interview Over Lunch

The job interviewing process can be unique! You may find yourself conducting a second or third interview while dining with your interviewer. It is a common practice for a second or third interview to take place in a rest[...]

Steps To Building Your Personal Career Brand

If you are new to the job-searching scene, you already understand how much time and effort goes into finding a potential career. You place your resume all over the Internet, hoping someone, ANYONE, will reach out to you.[...]

Winning Techniques For Your Next Group Interview

For many individuals who are comfortable with large groups, or work with many team members, group interviews may be simple to work through. For those individuals who are not used to working or speaking in large groups, g[...]

Creating A Focal Point For Your Resume

Let’s assume that your resume has reached the stage in the job-searching process where, for the first time, it’s being read by a real human. Maybe it was among the most keyword-rich resumes selected by a data[...]

What Is A Group Interview?

Throughout the interview process, you will experience many facets of interviewing. From telephone interviews to one-on-one interviews, each has its set of challenges and techniques to acing the interview. Group interview[...]

Questions You Should Ask At Your Next Job Fair

When arriving at a career or job fair, it is imperative to remember that you need to ask questions of your potential employer. By engaging your potential employer with several questions, you will be able to understand th[...]

Proper Body Language For An Interview

The proper body language is essential when entering the interview room. The interviewer will be able to tell a lot about you by the way you handle your expression and posture. Positive body language is imperative when yo[...]

How Social Media Can Affect Your Public Career

In this digital, data-driven age, we’ve seen technology radically change the landscape of work. In particular, social media has had a big impact on the way people work and the results achieved throughout careers. Socia[...]

What It Is Like to Work In Regulatory Affairs

Typically, when one earns a degree in a health care-related field, such as health care administration or nursing, they expect to go work within a health care setting that provides direct care to patients. Some go on to w[...]

No Matter Your Background, A Career In Social Work Is Possible

One common misconception about the field of social work is that those who choose to become social workers choose the profession from the get-go. There are certainly those who consider social work to be a calling, and sta[...]

5 Jobs You Can Get With A Ph.D. In Nursing

You don’t need an advanced degree to become a nurse. While many hospitals are now requiring RNs to have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), you can still become an RN with an Associate Degree in Nursing, or ADN. So[...]

How To Show Leadership On Your Resume – Even When You Have Never Been In Charge

It doesn’t matter what position they are trying to fill — hiring managers are looking for candidates with leadership skills. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to hire people who excel at being “in char[...]

3 Reasons You Should Be Exploring Your Career Options In Your Twenties

Do you remember your first week of college? You’d just bid farewell to your parents and stood paralyzed in the doorway of your dorm room. Fear of the unknown slithered in your belly like a snake. Desperate for some sor[...]

Career Branding: Resume Success Tips

When you are crafting your resume, spice it up with a career branding statement rather than an objective statement. Career branding statements help refine the focus of your resume, while differentiating yourself from oth[...]

How Do You Turn An Internship Into A Job Offer?

Internships are a fantastic way to get your foot in the door and learn more about the company. Countless internships will make it known that you are not guaranteed employment after the internship ends. Internships may fe[...]

Jobs In Manufacturing

Jobs in manufacturing focus on the production of goods and services that people use each day. Workers in this industry also produce the parts and products that are used both by businesses for their daily functioning and [...]

How To Be Successful At Your Next Job Fair

If you are at the beginnings of your career search, attending a job or career fair is a wonderful step in the right direction. University campuses and professional industries hold career or job fairs in order to see if y[...]

How To Write The Perfect Thank You Note

Etiquette is important in all aspects of your life, especially within a job interview setting. Composing the perfect thank you note after an interview is imperative, as it shows you are courteous and thoughtful. If you f[...]

Are You Overqualified For This Job?

Being overqualified for a position may seem overwhelming. How do you sell yourself to a potential employer? How can you stress that you will be an asset to a company? It is imperative to convey to your potential employer[...]

What To Look Out For In Your Employment Contract

In an economy when jobs are difficult to come by, you may be too overwhelmed at just hearing the words “Congratulations, you’re hired!” that you just sign all the paperwork given to you to make the employment offic[...]

Tips For Polishing Your Resume

Most of the resume advice on this site is aimed at new job seekers who haven’t written a resume, or who need to write a new resume for a change of careers, etc. But let’s say you already have a resume for the job you[...]

References Available Upon Request

A solid personal reference can be the crowning jewel to your job application. A reference is typically the final step in the interview process, as it will solidify your skills, personality, and overall achievements. It i[...]

How To Effectively Communicate Your Career Brand To A Potential Employer

You find yourself perusing the newspaper for new job opportunities, when suddenly, you come across a job description that matches your experience and qualifications. Before you apply for the position, think about how you[...]

How To Bulk Up Your Resume

Today’s job market is flooded with job seekers, from recent high school or college graduates to highly trained professionals with years of work experience and accomplishments under their belts. So, if you are one of th[...]

What Your Body Language Says During An Interview

It’s believed that the majority of human communication is actually nonverbal. That nonverbal subtext is thus just as important during a job interview as it is anywhere else; your body language can make the difference b[...]

How Would Your Co-Workers Describe You?

With many interview questions, you are asked to describe you. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you want this job? However, during the hiring process, references and phone calls to previous supervisors are m[...]

Don’t Make These Resume Formatting Mistakes

Formatting resumes seems to pose a challenge for a lot of candidates. It doesn’t particularly help that most word processors make it difficult to get your documents looking the way you want them. Still, though, there a[...]

Tell Me About A Conflict You Have Faced At Work And How You Dealt With It

Conflicts are not only a daily occurrence throughout one’s personal life, but they also exist within the workplace. When an interviewer asks, “Tell me about a time you were faced with a conflict and how you handled i[...]

A Flexible Work Schedule Can Help You Balance Your Life

These days you may not get a lot of choice with your work schedule, but what if you do? A lot of us are programmed to think about just looking for your standard 9-to-5, forty-hours-a-week job, but what about jobs with pa[...]

What To Do About A Gap In Your Job History

Sometimes when you’re looking for a new job, you can’t conduct your search from within the safety net of your current job for any number of reasons. This is a scary position for job seekers to find themselves in—no[...]

How To Create A Professional Resume

Trying to figure out how to format your first professional resume? Writing a resume is pretty straightforward since most resumes include the same sections, regardless of what type of job you’re applying for. Here are t[...]

How To Dress For A Job Interview

One aspect of your job interview you shouldn’t forget about is your appearance. Having all the right answers to job interview questions and being ready for anything is important, but it’s not everything. It’s equal[...]

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Depending on the circumstances of how you left your last job, this question can immediately trigger a negative or positive response in your mind. What should I say if I had a negative experience at my last place of emplo[...]

How To Choose A Major And A Career

When you get into college, you have to pick a major. Most people do this by asking themselves, “What do I want to do?” This is a pretty broad question, though, and let’s face it, pretty unhelpful. Some people know [...]

How Far Back Should You Go On Your Resume?

One common question about resume writing is how many years you should put down in your work experience section. If you haven’t been in the job market for long, this isn’t a challenge. But what if you’ve been workin[...]

Dress For Success: Tips for Men and Women

The simplest and smartest way to find out the proper attire for an interview is to contact the Human Resources department. You can ask the Human Resources department about the dress code, or stop by to pick up an applica[...]

Thinking About Changing Careers?

Whether your current position is just a starter job or whether you had intended it to be your last-stop dream-job, it’s not uncommon to realize that you no longer want to be doing what you’re doing, and that a switch[...]

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

When you sit down to talk to a hiring manager, what are your most dreaded questions? For a lot of people, the question “What are your salary expectations?” tops the list, not the least because it is almost a guarante[...]

Signs You Are About To Get Fired

Have you ever walked into the office one day and sensed a distinct change in the wind—even if you could not come up with a rational explanation for it? Has your gut ever told you that your time at a certain place is up[...]