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Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Out of the many interview questions an employer can ask, this particular question is of the utmost important. The question can be very nerve-wracking as it primarily the question that will help you land the job. How do y[...]

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary

You may want more money for your work—in fact, you may need more money—but how comfortable do you feel asking for what you want, need and deserve? Most of us worry that we’ll come across as greedy, pushy, and ungra[...]

Five Steps To A Resume That Makes It Past The Skim Read

Resume reading has evolved over the years – in large part thanks to advancements in technology. The reality of job hunting is that recruiters and hiring managers are pressed for time and are inundated with applications[...]

You Are Not A Good Fit For The Job

“You’re not a good fit for the job.” If this line is going through your head, it may be because a hiring manager said it to you during a job interview as part of a rejection. Worse, you may have heard it after bein[...]

Signs It’s Time To Look For A New Job

How long have you been working in your current position? How long do you expect to be? When you’ve been working somewhere for a while, especially a long while, it is easy to feel like you’ll be working that same job [...]

Should I Work Full Time Or Part Time?

One of the big lifestyle choices you have to make when you are searching for a job is whether you want to work full-time or part-time. For some people, this is an easy question to answer, and in general, our society assu[...]

Describe Your Current Position

Out of the many interview questions you may be asked, this particular question is typically the easiest to answer. Many interviewees are comfortable describing their current job responsibilities and positive experiences [...]

How To Find Out If A Company’s Corporate Culture Fits You

You’ve applied for a job and gotten accepted, and you’re thrilled to start your first day at the office. You show up and see the workplace for the first time, and while you are still excited, a nagging sense of disap[...]

Reasons Why Most People Lose Their Job

Obviously nobody wants to lose their job—but sometimes it pays off to spend a little time thinking about what you shouldn’t be doing and not only what you should be doing if you want to keep yours. A lot of people do[...]

How To Avoid Overeating At Work

Trying to lose weight is challenging for anyone, but for the 9-to-5 office worker, it can be even more difficult. Why? For one thing, you aren’t at home and you don’t have access to your kitchen, cooking supplies, an[...]

What Do I Put On A Resume If I Was Fired?

If you have been fired from a job, your first feeling is probably one of panic. Not only do you have no income now, but how are you going to convince anyone to hire you after your dishonor? Tons of people are fired from [...]

How To Negotiate A Flexible Work Schedule

One of the toughest issues to deal with when it comes to employment is scheduling. In today’s world it is more or less assumed, unless stated otherwise, that you are willing and want to work a standard 40-hour workweek[...]

How To Ask For A Raise

It used to be the norm for employees who were doing well to get raises if they were with a company for a while. In fact, they were annual at many companies. That trend has vanished in modern times, though; numerous emplo[...]

How To Turn Down A Job Offer

These days, with the job market being what it is, some people might wonder why anyone would ever turn down a job. But there are a couple of reasons it might happen to you. You might be offered more than one job, and have[...]

What To Do When You Don’t Get The Job

You sent an awesome resume and cover letter into the potential employer—and they called you in for an interview for your dream job! After telling you that they were very impressed with your interview, the company had y[...]

How To Stand Out In An Interview

You’ve just received that exciting phone call or email requesting that you come in for an interview at a company where you’ve applied for a job. That’s a huge step toward getting your foot in the door. It also mean[...]

How To Get A Promotion At Work

Both promotions and pay raises are more difficult to come by than they were in the past, but they do happen, and if you want to be the person they happen to, you can’t just hope for the best and keep doing whatever you[...]

I Just Got Fired

You’ve been the company’s top employee for the past five years—but now there’s a pink slip waiting for you on your desk. What happened? Sometimes you might know, or at least have an idea, but other times being fi[...]

Resume Tips For Job Fairs

Getting ready to attend a job fair? One thing you absolutely must bring along with you is your resume, but you need to make sure you have enough copies. Another issue to consider is what your resume is going to say, sinc[...]

Are Your Career Dreams Realistic?

“Are my career dreams realistic, or should I be looking for something to pay the bills?” It’s one of the most commonly asked questions in life, and it has no easy answers. Maybe one of the mistakes that peo[...]

How Long Should Your Resume Be?

How long should your resume be? Thankfully this is among the easier resume questions to answer, since the answer is pretty much the same in pretty much any situation. In short, your resume should probably be about one to[...]

How To Get The Job You Want

In this economy, there are more people needing jobs than jobs to be had—and a lot of the jobs that are out there don’t even pay a living wage. You don’t have to waste time in these jobs. In fact, wasting time in th[...]

Benefits Of Joining A Professional Association For Job Seekers

Job candidates sometimes join a professional association for the purpose of putting that association on their resumes or CVs, but there are a lot of other advantages to joining one than just putting it down on paper. Pro[...]

Finding A Job Through Networking Groups

If you’ve never tried networking to find a job, you may find the prospect a little intimidating to start with. “Where do I start? Is it really polite for me to run around introducing myself to strangers to try to fin[...]

How To Eliminate Interview Anxiety

One of the most intimidating events you can face in this tough economy is a job interview. On one hand, a job interview is a wonderful thing; it represents a genuine opportunity to get back to work. On the other hand, a [...]

Interview Questions For Fresh Graduates

Just graduating from college? If so, you’re actually probably more hirable now than you may be at any point in your future. It all depends on where you go from here with your professional life. It’s best to get off t[...]

Is Multitasking At Work A Bad Idea?

One of the biggest buzzwords around when it comes to job applications seems to be “multitasking.” This has only become more true as our technologically savvy population has come to embrace the idea of doing more and [...]

How To Write A Job Proposal

Don’t you wish there was something else you could send a potential employer other than the standard cover letter and resume that everybody else sends in? One idea is to write a job proposal. Don’t confuse this with t[...]

Top 100 Graduation Quotes

Top 100 Graduation Quotes

Graduation is a special time of the year when students trade in their books for suits and ties and prepare to start their careers. As one door closes and another door opens for recent graduates, Career Igniter takes a lo[...]

Summer Jobs For College Students

Approaching the end of your spring semester and not sure what to do over the summer? If you aren’t attending summer school and you want to take the opportunity to make some money and also enjoy an unforgettable life ex[...]

How To Find A Summer Camp Job

Have the summer off from school or your regular job, and want to find something to do which is fun, rewarding, and which can pay you a little extra money? Summer camp jobs typically have fairly low salaries, but room and[...]

Summer Jobs For Teachers

Getting summers off is awesome, and for some it’s an advantage of becoming a teacher. Of course, they don’t actually pay you for all that time off, and that can be pretty detrimental when it’s time to pay your rent[...]

Cover Letter Tips For Older Workers

Getting a job is tough for anyone these days, but it’s more challenging for older workers than anyone else in the workforce. Oftentimes, employers will dismiss applications from older workers out of hand. And note that[...]

Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Job Interview

In today’s tough job market, it’s more important than ever to nail your job interview and to give yourself a leg up over your competition. It’s essential that you show your potential employer your perso[...]

Is A Masters Degree Right For You?

Some claim that a Masters degree such as an MBA is not absolutely necessary for you to embark on a career in business; so then what is the point of getting one? There are several obvious benefits to Masters Degree and a [...]

Hiring The Right Project Manager For Your Next Project

Projects are rarely perfect. You might have planned your project well, assembled the best team, have sponsors standing by you, and put some risk strategies in place, but it still fails. Anything can go wrong when it is t[...]

Boosting Your Resume For Today’s Job Market

It’s no big secret that today’s job market is incredibly tough on young people, and specifically on college graduates. So many bright and promising individuals graduate from top universities only to find that[...]

Job Interview Hairstyles For Men

If you’re a man applying for a job, it is easy to overlook hairstyles as part of your preparation, particularly if you have short hair. But whether your hair is long or short, what you do with it will contribute to you[...]

Job Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Typical advice to job candidates concerning job interviews often goes along the lines of, “Be honest; just be yourself.” That’s actually terrible advice, however, since many job candidates don’t have a clue what [...]

Dress For Interview Success

You can be the best job candidate in the world as far as your skills are concerned and still not get a job if you don’t know how to dress right for an interview. First impressions are everything, as the old saying goes[...]

How To Address Salary Requirements In A Cover Letter

How should you address the issue of salary requirements when you’re submitting a cover letter to a potential employer? In general, the best rule of thumb is … don’t. You actually want to put off this part of th[...]

Career Planning For Your Lifestyle

The standard wisdom when it comes to life planning is to choose your career and let your lifestyle follow. The reality however is that not many of us would be happy if we planned our lives this way—and this is one reas[...]

Job Interview Hairstyles For Women

What you do with your hair during an interview matters. If you’re a woman, how you can style your hair will depend largely on the length of your hair, but some styles are definitely better than others. You want to get [...]

Employer Focused Cover Letters

When you write an employer-focused cover letter, the idea is that you are writing a cover letter with the employer’s needs at the forefront of your mind. Before you get started, think about what the potential employer [...]

Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter

Your cover letter can be just as critical as your resume when it comes to landing a job, but most of us have read a lot more advice on how to write a resume than how to write a cover letter. Setting aside the obvious (th[...]

Drowning In Job Rejections? You’re Not Alone

If you’re tired of people telling you things like, “I found a job in two weeks. Why haven’t you found a job in two years? You’re not looking hard enough,” check out some of these stories graduates who, despite [...]

How Many Versions Of Your Resume Do You Need?

Job seekers are often discouraged to realize that they can’t prepare just one resume and expect to find a job. Once you find out you need multiple resumes to run an effective job search, your next question is probably,[...]

What Generation Y Needs To Know About Getting A Job

When growing up, the majority of the Gen Y population was told to dream big; that they could accomplish anything that they set their minds to. Fast forward two decades and these bright-eyed, big dreaming, technology-savv[...]

Costly Resume Mistakes

Your resume is your foot in the door when you’re applying for a job. If you can’t get that far, you won’t get anywhere. If you can manage to snag an interview opportunity, however, you have a shot at getting the jo[...]

How To Find Unadvertised Jobs

A lot of job openings are never advertised—studies suggest that these invisible job opportunities may account for as many as 60% of all job openings. Why not advertise openings? Not advertising an opening can help an e[...]