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What Does A Good Cover Letter Look Like?

Many candidates find the idea of a cover letter a bit confusing. It’s common to skip it altogether, or to simply iterate the contents of the resume in the cover letter. Neither are helpful. The cover letter provides yo[...]

5 Steps To A Better Resume

If you already have a resume, that’s a great start to your job search. But do you have a really great resume? There are probably steps you can take right now to make your resume stronger. Here are five ideas for making[...]

Keeping Your New Year’s Job Resolutions

On New Year’s Eve, a lot of us pause and think about our New Year’s resolutions for a while. But how often do you think about them during the year? It’s more than halfway through January now. Have you been followin[...]

How To Avoid Fatigue At Work

Feeling fatigued at the workplace is such a common problem as to be almost ubiquitous. How many people do you know who aren’t tired at work? Okay, most of us know at least one. That person is always cheerful, and has a[...]

How Creative Should Your Resume Be?

No matter what job industry you’re applying for, odds are good you’ll need a resume to do it. The idea of the resume is a classic one, but with so many emerging technologies and markets, some people are starting to e[...]

How To Deal With Overqualifications When Job Hunting

Are you more than qualified for the job you’re applying for? It might sound like an asset, being able to easily do a job with your eyes closed, but in reality, it’s often enough to prevent you from getting a job. You[...]

Ways You Can Be Happier At Work

There are plenty of different reasons you might be unhappy at work. Maybe you hate your job—in which case, the best thing you can do is probably find a new one as soon as possible. Or maybe you don’t hate your job, b[...]

Why Do You Want To Change Jobs?

While the answer to this question may be simple, it may not be something you want to share truthfully at your next interview. That all depends on what the reason is. This is a tough question to answer because it’s freq[...]

Are You Underappreciated At Work?

You’ve just finished a huge project which you worked on for months at the office, and it’s been a success. You’ve made the company money and brought recognition to your team—and yet nobody seems to be thankin[...]

5 Hot Careers To Watch In 2013

“What do you want to do for a living?” It’s a question all of us have been asked by friends, families, teachers, and advisors many times, but it’s a tough one to answer. It’s one thing to pick a career we think[...]

What Not To Ask In An Interview

Odds are you’ve put some thought into what questions you should ask at your job interview, but have you taken the time to think about questions you should avoid asking? Asking the wrong questions can cause a hiring man[...]

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Or Not?

Every workplace has a different policy on BYOD—that’s “bring your own device,” if you don’t already know. Some offices are hard set against the use of personal mobile devices for nonwork applications on the pre[...]

Benefits Of Getting A Degree From An Online College

When you apply for a job, you might think that the best kind of degree to have under your belt would be one from a traditional four-year college. In reality, times are changing quickly, and online universities are quickl[...]

Is Social Networking Helping Or Hurting Your Job Search?

There is some disagreement over whether social networking is an indispensible ingredient in a successful job search or an actual hindrance to finding a job. The reality is probably a bit of both—and it depends largely [...]

How Not To Start Your Cover Letter

While writing a cover letter, your first instinct is probably (not inappropriately) to start your cover letter like this: “I am applying for the (full time/part time) position of (Job Title) at (Company X).” The reas[...]

Do You Really Need A Degree To Start Your Career?

A lot of us were raised to believe that the thing to do after high school is get a college degree. In some cases, this makes a great deal of sense. In others, however, it doesn’t make much at all. There is also plenty [...]