Tips For Career Branding Success

Chelsea Lawler

Setting yourself apart from other job hunters is a difficult task! You want to convey an image of success and value while showing promise to a potential employer. How do you enhance your personal brand to showcase your strengths and uniqueness? What is the secret to branding success? We will discuss seven steps in order to achieve a successful personal brand.

Compile a List of Personal Achievements and Skills

What are you bringing to the table? Are you constantly seeking out new experiences? Creating a list of your skills, accomplishments, and goals will help you understand your most important assets. What about validation at your place of employment? Have you received any awards? How are you different from everyone else?

Highlight Your Training and Education

How does your education and training come into play? When you are trying to create a career brand, ask yourself if you will need more training or education to achieve your goals.

Differentiate Yourself from Others

Think of yourself as an entire package. Create a unique list of qualities, strengths, and accomplishments that you can use as a selling proposition. What motivates you to succeed? What are you passionate about in your life and career goals? Your elevator speech should be concise and relevant to your potential employer or network connection.

Publish Your Work

Are you an expert within a certain area of an industry? You can further your career brand image by publishing your thoughts or work. It may seem silly to do so, however, if you do not make yourself known, how will individuals find you? Create professional responses to industry blogs or speak at networking gatherings. How can you differentiate yourself from others, while putting a unique spin on your career brand?

Network Connections

It is imperative when making network connections that you know WHO you are talking to, and WHAT you want to say! Will you make a positive and memorable impression on a new network connection? Create a poignant, memorable story that highlights your skills and expertise while creating a powerful statement. A network connection can be a potential future reference, so be sure to understand and effectively communicate your career brand to the individual.

Elevator Speech

Regardless of what the situation or event may be, it is incredibly important to prepare when delivering your answer to this question. A tip that many career services provide is to think of the answer as an elevator pitch. This means to think of your response as if you are delivering it during a short elevator ride. You have a limited amount of time to convey your point concisely before you reach the end of your ride. Keep in mind that your response should be concise and allow the potential employer or network connection, the opportunity to ask you more questions about your qualifications.

Create a Career Brand Statement on Your Social Media Network (or Resume)

Do you have a LinkedIn or Facebook profile? If so, create a career brand statement that showcases your personality and expertise. You can add your career brand statement to your resume as well. Think of a statement that will make you unique and set you apart from other job seekers.

It is imperative to understand that you career brand may undergo revisions, however, it is crucial to keep all aspects of your brand consistent. Your visual brand, such as your outward appearance and attitude, should correlate with the verbal message you are trying to convey to your audience. Revisions of your career brand should happen on an annual basis, which will help solidify your career brand image.

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