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LinkedIn Job Roulette: A career suicide game?
Don't fill out that job application! It could cost you the job.
Giving & Getting Info: Mistakes job seekers make
Great questions -- thanks for a fun hour! #newshourchats
A9(2) The truth is, you must be able to prove you'd be a profitable hire in that new career. No easy path. #newshourchats
A9(1) That's a huge challenge and not so easy. Here are some tips: #newshourchats
A8(4) Sorry about the candy cane! That's an old Xmas post! :-) #NewsHourChats
A8(3) Try some alternatives: #newshourchats
A8(2) The automation, the passive waiting for employer - it's a racket. Just say no. #NewsHourChats
A8(1) Why's everyone hung up posting LinkedIn stuff, resumes, etc? You KNOW it doesn't work. Stop it. "They" don't find you! #NewsHourChats
A7(3) Choose more carefully next time. Go in via a referral. Not easy, but that's the hard truth. #NewsHourChats
A7(2) If you don't know why, you probably don't have a good enuf connection to the manager. #NewsHourChats
A7(1) You'll never know. Move on to the next. #NewsHourChats
A6(2) The work lies in finding such people. You just have to find them. Invest the time. Choose carefully. Don't "shotgun." #NewsHourChats
A6(1) Hang out with people who do the work you want to do. It's really that simple. Few do it. #NewsHourChats

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