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Your resume needs to feature your unique skills and experience. This will help convey you are the best candidate for the job. #Resume
Your resume is your promise of value to an employer— it defines who you are, how you are different, and why you should be hired. #Resume
Your resume does not have to be one page! Use the space you need to convey your experience but do so concisely. #BreakthroughResume
White space is important. Don't overcrowd your resume with information and choose an easy-to-read font. Double-check by printing. #Resume
Weigh every entry on your resume –does it contribute to your current goal? #BreakthroughResume
Use your cover letter to showcase how your experience aligns with the position you are applying for. #BreakthroughResume
Use the top fold of your resume wisely. Ditch the objective statement and write a strong headline and summary statement. #BreakthroughResume
Use keywords throughout your resume. #ResumeTips #BreakthroughResume
Unsure of what you should include in your resume? I can help. #BreakthroughResume
Trying to update your resume? Align skills and experiences with employer's needs / career goals. Questions? I can help. #BreakthroughResume
To get noticed in today's competitive job market, you have to build the hiring authority's confidence by proving your value. #BeAnAuthority
The key to developing a stellar document is telling an honest, compelling story about you —your brand, skills, and employment history.
The goal of your resume is to convince the reader that you a viable candidate for the job and persuade them to call you. #Resume
Take the time to include a cover letter. It gives you a way to further stand out from your competition. #BreakthroughResume
Sharpen the focus by creating a branded resume — one that is unique to you and immediately defines what you bring to an employer.

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Ditch overused phrases. Be bold and set yourself apart. Hardworking, motivated professional reads like hundreds of other resumes. #jobsearch #expressyourself
Clean up your social media presence. Employers turn to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more about you. #jobsearch
Long-term unemployment can make it difficult to get your next job. Volunteering can bridge the gap and be as important as experience. #jobsearch
If you’re #resume isn’t up-to-date, you may be missing out on opportunities. Be proactive.
What you get out of LinkedIn depends on what you put into it.
Jump start your #jobsearch by spending time identifying what you want to do. Know your goals and strengths. Identify who you want to work for.
Research shows people assess your competence and trustworthiness in a quarter of a second based solely on how you look. An engaging profile picture speaks volumes. #LinkedIn Tip
Employers look at your #SocialMedia platforms. Your posts either open doors of opportunity or close them.
“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” ― Karen Lamb #BreakthroughResume
A great resume will help change the trajectory of your job search. Job seekers are 40% more likely to get noticed with a professionally written resume. #BreakthroughResume

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