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Does your resume communicate your value? Focus on how you've made a difference by quantifying your achievements. #ResumeTips
Did you upload your resume to an online job board and are you waiting for the phone to ring? Only 4% of jobseekers land a job that way.
Copying a sample resume may sound like a great idea but it won't help you showcase what sets you apart from others. #ResumeTip
Before you starting writing your resume, ask—what job do I really want? What unique value do I offer that employer's need? #CareerBuilder
Be mindful of your online presence. Does it add to or detract from your brand? Employers look to social media to vet candidates. #Resume
Avoid using text-dense paragraphs and bullet points. #BreakthroughResumes
Are you using the right format to tell your career story? Only 10% of jobseekers truly need a functional format. #ResumeBuilder #ResumeTip
Are you including a cover letter? If not, you should be! #ResumeBuilder #ResumeTip
Are you communicating a consistent and compelling brand message across all social media platforms? Prospective employers are looking.
An employer doesn't have time to determine where you would be a great fit. Take the time to define your career target. #CareerChange
A cover letter gives you the opportunity to connect with the employer on a more personal level. #ResumeBuilder
What if you got the job you really wanted? Think about this. Let it be your motivation. The answer can be something tangible or intangible.
Ask yourself: What job do I really want? What can I offer an employer? What are my unique skills? How can I solve an employer's problems?
Goals get you to take action, they keep you on track, and allow you to assess your progress as you work towards achieving your goal.
Set goals for your job search. A goal gives you a destination — and once you know the destination, you can choose a path to get you there.

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“So many books, so little time.”― Frank Zappa Happy #BookLoversDay
The resume writing process can help you build confidence in yourself as a candidate and save you time in your search.
Are you in a season of change? The key to a seamless career transition is identifying and aligning your skills with the employer’s needs.
Social media and the impact on your job search --11 types of posts that can hurt you.
According to LinkedIn, users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.
Without an action plan, the executive becomes a prisoner of events. And without check-ins to reexamine the plan as events unfold, the executive has no way of knowing which events really matter and which are only noise.~Peter Drucker
The interview process should be a dialogue. Be prepared. Here are a few ideas for some great questions to ask
"Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down." -- Charles F. Kettering
What does your email address say about you? Keep it professional.

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