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A job interview is an opportunity for you to assess how you can help the employer AND whether it's a good fit for you as well.
Don't disregard other opportunities while pursuing any one job. Continue applying for other jobs and following up until you accept an offer.
Before starting your job search, you need to know what type of job you want to pursue. Answer this question: "I'm looking for a job in…"
Some people look at advertised jobs and when they don't see ads that "fit them," they think finding a job will be impossible.
Sometimes you can identify companies in fast-growth hiring mode by the type and number of jobs they advertise.
Research potential employers. Look at their website, Google the company, and look for articles written about them.
Past performance is a good indicator of future success: How have you gotten the jobs you've had in the past? Can you use the strategy again?
Only 2-4% of jobseekers land a job using online job boards, yet that's where most people start their searches and spend most of their time.
Finding a job is all about people — the people you know, the people you meet, and the people who have the right information.
Two of the biggest challenges most jobseekers face are rejection and overcoming their fear. Replace fear with confidence by taking action.
Experts estimate that 74-85% of available jobs are never advertised. If you only apply for advertised jobs, you miss out on opportunities.
The single biggest mistake most jobseekers make is not asking for help from their network. People want to help you — so let them!
Having trouble getting job interviews? Your resume may be the problem. Concise, focused, accomplishment-oriented resumes get interviews.
Is your job search not working? Time to do something different. A professional resume writer can support, encourage, and motivate you.
Are you getting interviews, but not job offers? Your references might be the problem.

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Avoid these resume mistakes.
How do you know if your resume has an identity crisis?
Get the help you need to gain clarity, confidence, and control of your job search.
More than half of recruiters surveyed view typos negatively on both your resume and social media accounts.
According to a new survey, the most sought-after job in America is data scientist, which is coveted by companies, pays well and has high job satisfaction. Tech and engineering jobs dominate the top ten, with human resources manager the exception at number 6.
In a competitive hiring market, making a great first impression is of the utmost importance. If your resume is filled with generic words and phrases, typos, text dense paragraphs, or long lists of bullet points, it will work against you.
If you are starting to see signs that you are no longer a fit in your company’s culture, more than likely, it is time to prepare for a job search. Be proactive and update your resume now. After, September is Update Your Resume Month and an updated resume will help you transition into a new role more smoothly. #EmployeeFit #UYRM
Mark your calendar! September is update your resume month!
Have you reached the point of knowing it is time to change jobs? You will want to create a strategy before you quit. #HatingWork
Overcome #BadJobNoJob. Take the next step in your career by defining the kind of business pain you solve —that is your value to an employer.

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