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RT @marshawright Just Start Doing Whatever It Is You Can't Stop Thinking About #entrepreneur
This 4th of July Weekend, #JustDance // @JackieYunTweets
Resume Writing Tip: Slow Down, Go Deep via @ValueIntoWords, RT @Spafloating <- Thank you!
RT @Pete_Primeau: The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have ~ Norman Vincent Peale https:…
7 Ways Senior Leadership Empower Employees + Increase Retention :: via @GDforEmployers
#Careerists, too!-> Working toward a goal empowers small business owners to achieve potential.…
Startup Blog: Selling Your Soul, It May Be OK by @twilli2861
RT @TexasHumor: I'd fall for it tbh.
via @FelixNater :: "Being listened to feels so much like being loved we can not tell the difference. via @thehabitfactor
@MiriamSalpeter Thank you for extending the reach of this #resume content, @MiriamSalpeter!
#Jobs RT @profkrg: Kaiser Health News is seeking a Reporting Intern in D.C. #journalism #internships
What to Include in Your #Executive #Career Portfolio:
50 isn’t over-the-hill. It’s a perch on which to catch our breath, enjoy the vista. @thischairrocks…
RT @liars_never_win: How can you steal back your own taxes, Chief?
12 Top Tips To Help You Crack That Job Interview! via @tonyrestell

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"I started my career in the wireless industry as a customer service rep. At the time, many of my peers were holding out for bigger jobs with more money and bigger titles, but I jumped at the chance to be part of a start-up, knowing that brick-size phones on an analog network had the long-term potential to change how we connect." via a leader I admire, Verizon Senior Executive Tami Erwin See More
#Careerists, too!-> Working toward a goal empowers small business owners to achieve potential. See More
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I always enjoy writing on my topic of passion! Do you know what to include in your #Executive #Career #Portfolio? Click the link below to learn about 6 messaging vehicles in which to comprehensively parlay your executive career story. See More
According to Miriam Salpeter, Social Media Help Desk - a program of Keppie Careers in an article for Reader's Digest: "Most employers would prefer to hire someone who knows when it's time to ask questions and request assistance than someone who thinks he or she already knows everything." See More
Great takeaways from this video on being a Dreamer // Doer, particularly targeted for female #careerist ears! (love the actionable, pragmatic tone blended with a 'dreamy' message). For example, the phrasing, 'delicious dreams' and 'speed dating your dreams' was mentioned. As well, a differentiating way of looking at female founders (i.e., not as 'competing with men, per se')--> "there's not a single disadvantage to being a female founder - the key is to create an environment around us where our strengths can be strengths."<-- loved this, and agree. Feat. Whitney Johnson See More
"On the following pages, we go behind the doors of some of the most impressive, unconventional, and flat-out whimsical workspaces in North Texas to see how area companies are evolving on the cusp of new talent and trends." <-- I especially like Jones Commercial Interiors office spaces. What's YOUR favorite? See More
Optimism Increases Resilience: <- Important topic for #JobSeekers and all #Careerists. See More
Excellent insights by Mike Brown at Brainzooming. #1. Is there a legitimate basis for the C-Suite challenge to the team's innovation strategy? Does the organization truly lack innovation, or is the senior leader lacking awareness and understanding of the work the team has already accomplished? If they can’t answer that question upfront, they risk a lot of potentially unnecessary effort. See More
My experience has shown that even a couple of years in a new role and/or career direction may compel a #resume strategy 'rewrite.' See More

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