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@Mac_Prichard @Macs_List You're quite welcome, @Mac_Prichard! Hope you are having a warm holiday season!
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@PhyllisShabad Thanks Phyllis!
Resume Tip: Less Is Not Always More: Emaciated #Resumes Do Not Reel in the Hiring Decision Maker.
Your #Executive #Resume is Like a Career Painting, Layered With Brushstrokes of Color + Nuance.
Top 11 Behavioral #Interview Questions:
RT @SWcareer: "To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." - Buddha #qu…
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RT @CareerTrend: “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Pealehan @DarrylRMSG
RT @ShellyKramer: Top 11 Behavioral Interview Questions via @ValueIntoWords | Thank you for sharing!
Outstanding post by @JonMertz -> Do We Think and Act Too Big?
Agree! Well said, Rosa! RT @CareerTrend: Why One Resume Doesn’t Always Fit All via @resumeservice

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Why I love writing resumes ... I know a resume has a job to do, including, and especially, helping my clients land their dream jobs; I love their glee when they first read what I’ve written about them. But I do this because I love the writing, the rhythm of people’s stories, and spending time alone in my office on the banks of Lake Texoma, Texas: the comfort of a breeze, fishing boat engines that hum along and my dog at my feet, the conversations that beckon. Perhaps with the CEO of a multinational or the start-up executive who is off to their next adventure. With each client connection, I am transported from my little cabin on the lake to experience worldwide adventures, taking flight across the waves, across the globe.
Exciting when an #Executive #Careerist writes to say, "I owe my interview to the #resume and techniques for updates you provided me." While the client's name and other identifying info have been redacted for confidentiality purposes, I am grateful he permitted his story be showcased on my website!
What Does YOUR Career Painting Look Like? Today, I brushed the final strokes onto a Strategic Business Development + Operational Strategist's #career painting. She is positioning herself for an eventual Chief Executive Officer role. The chapters of her storied #resume prove she knows how to zoom from start-up to high-growth, leading teams to high-performance + profits, while undergoing a series of M&As and Integrations. ###
Another impactful message by Joe Jacobi and an important one for #Careerists who hesitate to make a #Career Change based on the time + energy investment :: “How Long?” becomes time-irrelevant. “How important to you?” becomes the time you want to invest. ::
Well articulated message by a leader I respect: Jon Mertz at Thin Difference. "Time to narrow focus and act meaningfully. It is counterintuitive, yet we need to think small. Thinking and acting small does not mean ... big things don’t happen. Our thoughts and actions shift to an intense focus and better alignment to purpose and respect."
Agree! Well said, Rosa E. Vargas!
The Cold, Hard Truth About Execs, Job Search + Resumes (and, why you must 'keep climbing')

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