Careerfolk offers a unique blend of psychological counseling and social media training to provide clients with a holistic approach to career management.

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Great opportunity for #socialmedia enthusiast #internship #nyc #career @FastCompany
RT @savethefrogs: The toad says we are all part of nature...respect it! #nature #education #environment #protection #savethefrogs https://t…
RT @savethefrogs: #Repost @savethefrogsproject ・・・ Have I told you how happy I am that I found the nonprofit @savethefrogs ?! The founder @…
LinkedIn Is Testing A New Feature That Matches You With A Mentor #career #careeradvice for all ages #linkedin
What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of oth…
@LiveWorkLove love your twitter Handle... sorry we didn't get to meet at #ncdaorlando. I was also at the chaos theory talk! happy careering!
RT @sharonstone: A bit of advice for straight men;) @DeAnne_Smith
RT @ezralevin: WHOA. McConnell is daring Republicans to vote against full repeal which would strip health insurance from ~32 million. This…
RT @JobHuntOrg: Critical! DO NOT share your birthday online! by @WorkCoachCafe #jobsearch
RT @DaphneDixon: Giant iceberg nearly the size of Delaware breaks off Antarctica via @HuffPostGreen
RT @SarahMaslinNir: “I said, 'You know how you grew up wanting to be a princess?I grew up wanting to be a superhero.’”Firefighter at 56 htt…
RT @LDSartmusicfilm: Now at @SilvermineArts Center: "Art of the Northeast", highlighting diversity of work in the NE including Rick Shaefer…
RT @LDSartmusicfilm: Terrific shows at @KatonahMuseum - Wall to Wall: Carpets by Artists and pictured: Creighton Michael, On Drawing: In Pr…
The most life affirming approach to death. #inspiration ’Little Buddha' wisdom from a terminal ill goofball..
RT @CareerinHarmony: If a goal is worth achieving, don’t let negative comments of others stop you from reaching your goal. Have faith in "Y…

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#ncdaorlando #Career success=knowing what you should or shouldn't be doing. One of the biggest career challenges is letting go of the wrong career- Ernie Zelinski, author of The joy of not working!
Stay tuned for a short video from Tava where she'll share some tips on how recent grads should spend their summers. After We'll be including this in our next newsletter so sign up today at if you're not already on our list. And parents, we'd like to hear from you. Feel free to share your questions and concerns. Cheers.
Whatever obstacles might get in your way, here is proof that if you don't give up on yourself, your dreams, your passions.....Look what might happen.
'Tis the season for caps and gowns. 'Tis also the season for an entire crop of recent grads to enter the workforce. Seemed like a good time to resurrect this blog post. Is your recent grad ready?
Some wisdom here.. if you can find the career path that fits you!
Careefolk is happy to meet our clients at their office, especially when it's in a cool landmark building. But it's ok if it's not! You can always meet us at the classic Chrysler building, if you're in the NYC area.
We want to hear from YOU! We're currently writing a blog about nail-biting interview stories where the Universe seemed to conspire against you. Trapped on subway, recruiter sends you to the wrong location, you run in to your current boss, etc. Have you had to think on your feet to salvage an interview experience? Please tell us.
Parents! Share this article with your college student (or soon to be student) If you have a kid in college, or starting soon, the importance of getting internships from the get-go cannot be underestimated! While the statement "No one wants to be the first full-time employer of new college graduates anymore," might be a little extreme, it's going to be exponentially harder without solid experience on their resume. A note for **Soon to be Grads**: No matter how many internships you have on your resume, if it doesn't clearly and succinctly convey your strengths and accomplishments, the job search will take you longer! Parents, don't let your kids get discouraged, send them to Careerfolk for a Resume Review!
Another inspiring woman doing amazing things, and helping other women. #inspiration #gomom #womenentrepreneurs
Just feeling good about building bridges and connecting people. This week, we set up four informational interviews for clients with people in our network. A successful informational interview is a great way to network your way to a job.

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