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Hey @comcast @comcastcares, for the last 60 days I've been having wifi issues. Weak signals throughout the house. DM me please?
@jasonmyrt The guy on sound off busting on you about Ozark is a complete boob. The show takes place in Missouri not Arkansas
@sacco30 @EASPORTSNHL Seriously. The game hasn't been good since NHL 09. It feels like I'm skating in tar. No one…
@bravosfan1025 @EASPORTSNHL @Rammer34 The game really sucks anyway. They haven't put out a good product since NHL 0…
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RT @JoelEmbiid: According to Sixers fans, the new nickname is the "FEDS" (Fultz, Embiid, Dario, Simmons).. the FEDS are coming 🔥🔥🔥#TheProce…
@PRummel3 If the sixers drafted Porzingis, they wouldn't have Simmons now. They would have had too many wins and wo…
RT @Householdbookco: A new site to handle all your housekeepng financials, reserve money for rent, insurance and mu…
@PECOconnect Need assistance: I have wires to my power meter outside that are exposed. I sent an email and need to talk to someone. Send DM
RT @OrganoLeaf: What is #TurmericCurcumin? What is #OrganoLeaf?
Do you need to hire someone in #Education or #HR on the westside of #LosAngeles? Tweet me for the resume of someone I know that's looking.
What are the funniest job search memes? Let's see what you got.
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