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@YahooNoise I have kamara and Ingram. Should I sit Ingram with the toe injury and put Morris or Perine in his place?
@YahooNoise I have Ingram and kamara and Perine in flex. Do I trust Ingram’s toe or put Perine in and move Josh Gordon to flex?
@dhorn_asc ?
@ScooterMagruder 37-9
@rarebreedrel I’m trying to figure out the same thing. Right now leaning mckinnon
@KaylaJacque Thanks for sharing
@MikeSocratez04 Yeah he’s a better blocker but look for burton in red zone I️ guess
@MikeSocratez04 And no one knows how good trey burton is. He’s going to get more pass plays than celek. He’s the number 2 te
RT @malinbhall: State of the industry 2017 with Eddie Speed is now! #NoteExpo
RT @vincentesquire: We were big fans of @KentClothier on Day 1. ⏲ #NoteExpo…
RT @venturesinnotes: #noteexpo the place to be this weekend, awesome event!
RT @malinbhall: Bob Zachmeier of #NoteCarry shares strategies about notes for next to nothing. #NoteExpo
RT @noteexpo: RT @NoteSchool: #NoteExpo RT @MalinBHall: Had a great #NoteExpo2017! See you at #NoteExpo2018
RT @susantruax: Pat Johnson, Business is Personal. #noteexpo #rootwholebody @ Hyatt……
RT @malinbhall: Want to make sense of these road signs? Listen to Ryan Parson’s presentation #NoteExpo

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