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Dana Manciagli offers tips and coaching for job seekers. She will teach you about how to get job interviews and land a job quicker. Dana Manciagli’s blog has a collection of videos and blogs which will give you expert advice

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@PapaJohns Ordered 45 minutes ago from 10222 10th Bellevue cuz it's so late-owner said "we're busy, it's Saturday night". Nice! Idiot.
3 keys to starting and running a business with your spouse. 1. Designate specific roles 2. Show respect Read on: https://t.co/IViq8PE8Tr
Want a private job search coach? Unlimited access to one is available NOW for just $97/month. https://t.co/FYkMbHRNsv #jobcoach
3 #workplace trends you shouldn’t ignore. Modern benefits versus traditional health & retirement #benefits is one. https://t.co/W1oOoF8jH1
You must project confidence if you're going to attract funding, top employees & support. https://t.co/6aKDiTxOLc #womenentrepreneurs
To answer questions about your previous experience, think back on your work history and prepare. https://t.co/x1oL3pNj8l #interview #career
What can leaders and HR professionals do to combat bullying? https://t.co/PpVNJohH6g #Workplace #bullying
Offer recognition programs that provide rewards based on demonstrating core values. https://t.co/im9dh8MfjI #workplace #careeradvice
3 tips on engendering a workplace for the next wave of female leaders. https://t.co/P39TBwd9OE #womeninbusiness
Organizations should regularly check in to see if their employee’s needs are being met. https://t.co/5GH2UpkJl9 #employeemanagement
Discover Dana Manciagli’s best tips for landing your dream job FAST! https://t.co/FYkMbI9ok3 #dreamjob #careertips
3 tactics for using mobile devices to land your next job https://t.co/oJJQZswyFX #jobsearch #careermanagement
Doing your homework will help you understand a company’s values and make a good impression. https://t.co/C1z7zMcn6V #interview #jobseeker
4 steps business leaders can take to nurture female #tech talent. 1. Promote employee sponsorship. https://t.co/WHUazhDxXP #smallbusiness
A good #mentor will inspire you to keep going when you hit the inevitable roadblocks. https://t.co/h84Oh4wpd5 #womeninbusiness

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Who knew that such a little word could be such a big challenge? We place others needs ahead of ours and then wonder why we cannot reach our goals. Try this trick: the next time someone asks you to do something for them, stop and take a moment to ask yourself, “If I agree to do this, what will I have to say no to?”
Do you ever feel that there aren't enough hours in the day? I asked Clara Capano, business consultant and author of Find Your Focus: 52 Weeks of Clara-ty, how we can use our 168 hours most effectively and be more productive. Check it out. ->
Here's a really fun piece from Entrepreneur that might help you turn your Monday Blues around. If you're working on your networking skills, you'll find #4 particularly interesting.
Hey - it's Monday! I'm excited, are you? I know, sometimes it can be hard to muster excitement. I found this article on lifehack and thought you might enjoy the read. At the very least, grab breakfast! (tip 4!)
In case you need a little extra support and encouragement, here's a great piece that will help you relax. I'm a fan of #4! Have a great weekend!
It's Friday and I have a serious question for you. Are you "binge working"? Sometimes it can be tempting to put in the OT to earn brownie points or meet a deadline, but doing so excessively can be damaging. In fact, there have been actual cases of people dying from working too hard. (But it's extremely rare) Don't worry, I've got 4 way to avoid becoming a workaholic. Tested by yours truly. -> https://buff.ly/2h7WwxT
Getting promoted and moving up the corporate ladder is no small task. What could be stopping you from breaking through the glass ceiling? Fear. Fear is something common to us all. Your task is to conquer that fear. Here are 4 other tips to breaking through that glass ceiling. -> https://buff.ly/2jso9lQ
Is Fear of Failure Stopping You? There is nothing more universal than the fear of failure. I spoke with Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock, a management and professional services consultant, and the founder and CEO of a global professional services company, Belapemo. She shares some great tools for managing fear. Which tool do you connect with most?
How do you manage your daily work pressure and stress? Do you think it would be different than a CEO would handle it? I had a great chat with one, and he shared 5 strategies for managing stress.
Feeling stressed at work? It could be your business chemistry. I've also got coping strategies for you here.

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