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Dana Manciagli

Dana Manciagli offers tips and coaching for job seekers. She will teach you about how to get job interviews and land a job quicker. Dana Manciagli’s blog has a collection of videos and blogs which will give you expert advice

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It’s important for employers to be in tune w/what their workers want & need. https://t.co/7oK803BNyw #smallbusiness #employeemanagement
A good #mentor will inspire you to keep going when you hit the inevitable roadblocks. https://t.co/h84Oh4O04D #womeninbusiness
Offer recognition programs that provide rewards based on demonstrating core values. https://t.co/im9dh8MfjI #workplace #careeradvice
Organizations should regularly check in to see if their employee’s needs are being met. https://t.co/5GH2Up38tB #employeemanagement
4 ways to ace common (and curveball) interview questions. https://t.co/yPL6uFJVGe #careermanagement #interview #jobseeker
Sick of your job? Want to get out? Master the best job search process. https://t.co/FYkMbHRNsv #jobsearch #careeradvice
How far is far enough when it comes to promoting women’s advancement in the workplace? https://t.co/cOPUZ4tCGg #womeninbusiness
Doing your homework will help you understand a company’s values and make a good impression. https://t.co/C1z7zMcn6V #interview #jobseeker
Want a private job search coach? Unlimited access to one is available NOW for just $97/month. https://t.co/FYkMbHRNsv #privatejobsearchcoach
RT @Monster: The best job interview hacks start with doing your homework. https://t.co/NrMMrlwX5s
@pinnaclepgh @PghBizTimes Thank you! Where is the #career guidance for C-suite? Read @DanaManciagli helpful tips:… https://t.co/eofvBtjX5U
To help you develop more confidence, ask yourself these 3 questions: https://t.co/MZ5K20Jzdb #womenentreprenuers
What can leaders and HR professionals do to combat bullying? https://t.co/PpVNJohH6g #Workplace #bullying
Ultimate benefit of starting a business w/your spouse? An incredible partner to share ideas. https://t.co/xLuCsG0h7A #smallbusiness
3 #workplace trends you shouldn’t ignore. Modern benefits versus traditional health & retirement #benefits is one. https://t.co/W1oOoF8jH1

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7 simple steps for negotiating with your boss. Want a raise? Longing for a promotion to improve your career status? If your year-end review was positive but you weren’t offered a salary increase or opportunities to advance, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. According to money.cnn.com, pay raises for 2016 will be 3 percent, on average. You will want to request at least that much of a salary bump — or more if you have reason. Before employers grant your requested raise or promotion, they ’ ll need tactful persuasion and reassurances that your performance merits a reward. Read more: http://ow.ly/X4hW30dBTfk
Most job seekers are spinning around and around, getting more and more frustrated. Do you wish you had a private job search coach to show you every step of the way and correct what you might be missing? Done! My Job Search Master Class is the ONLY step by step job search system to literally hold your hand until you land your dream job. And I’m online to answer your unique questions, too! Get started learning brand new techniques on how to set your job search goal, how to apply differently, how to ace interviews AND how to negotiate your offer(s). http://danamanciagli.com/courses/
4 steps business leaders can take to nurture female tech talent. Today, women account for less than 34 percent of U.S. technology jobs. The outlook for tomorrow is equally disappointing: 23 percent of middle and high school girls have considered pursuing IT careers, according to a new research campaign from nonprofit technology industry trade association CompTIA. But women aren’t simply avoiding technology; those that hold tech jobs often end up leaving them. Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA, believes that addressing the IT gender gap starts at the top. He and I recently spoke about specific steps business leaders can take to nurture their female IT employees’ career development and foster a culture that encourages them to stay. 1. Promote employee sponsorship Read more: http://ow.ly/2jMl30dBT1T
​3 workplace trends you shouldn’t ignore. For the first time, there can be as many as five generations working together in the office, and each age group comes with its own preferences and perspectives on how and where work should be done. It’s important for employers to be in tune with what their workers want and need, as there is increasing competition among organizations to find people with the skills and abilities to succeed. I recently spoke with Dean Aloise, global HR consulting leader at Conduent HR Services, about three workplace trends all organizations should pay attention to now. 1. The importance of people Read more: http://ow.ly/aLqz30dBSQC
Stuck in your job search? Frustrated? Job Search Master Class is the ONLY step by step job search system to literally hold your hand until you land your dream job. It’s the nearest thing to having me standing over your shoulder teaching you, training you and guiding you to your next job. Nothing is missed, taking you through every step clearly and easily with templates and scripts. From how to set your job goal all the way through negotiating your offer(s)! You’ll never get stuck again. http://danamanciagli.com/courses/
To help you develop more confidence, ask yourself these three questions: What are three things that make me feel more confident? What are three things that make me feel less confident? What are three things I can do to increase my confidence? (reflect on question 1 here.) Find out how I answered those questions: http://ow.ly/YlNk30dfwKI
The Best Blogs for Women in Business in 2017 by Market Inspector. Honored to be included: http://ow.ly/2Mlv30dfyQL
Tracking performance in the advancement of women professionals within an organization is a hallmark of a robust gender equality program. Typical metrics can include the presence of women in leadership positions, comparative salary levels, promotions, and more. Learn more: http://ow.ly/QNKU30dfzqz
While the idea of a gap year has historically been the provenance of the young, if you haven’t taken a gap year (or have never contemplated the idea), now might be your golden opportunity. http://ow.ly/nzoY30dfxWd
3 keys to starting and running a business with your spouse. 1. Designate specific roles Much like you would for any other employee, detail specific job descriptions for each spouse when you establish the business. For example, Ian uses his programming skills to work on the technical side of the business, while Jamie oversees HelpSpot’s operations, strategic planning, and development. Read on for more: http://ow.ly/O3ej30dfxdV

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