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@DavidMicetic Thanks David I’m glad you enjoyed it.
@_mac_adams @garyvee @RayDalio Thanks for the RT man. What was your favorite part of the episode?
Straight fire from @garyvee and @RayDalio on #AskGaryVee 275 https://t.co/gAJwXRCNrs #motivation #businessadvice… https://t.co/MfffhcjFqS
First #Ebay #sale was just shipped out this morning. Very exciting! I learned that shipping can… https://t.co/ljhLBI5sp0
@InfoConsolidate @garyvee Thanks. That would be awesome.
@katrinakeyes @garyvee Non worries thanks for looking out.
@garyvee I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of 13s since they have come out. Haven’t had any luck on eBay but will ke… https://t.co/lvyGeITRTl
@garyvee hey Gary when do you think the 003’s will be out? I bought a pair of the 002’s but K-Swiss canceled them o… https://t.co/0yQr41taQs
Crushed that I won’t be able to get my pair of @garyvee ‘s new shoes! I was ecstatic when I secured a pair since I… https://t.co/WfqqQKIrm6
Hanging out with #marketing legend @RealJayAbraham https://t.co/R1FnQbVCyq
@tonyrestell Thanks fro sharing Tony!
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Getting in the #holidayweekend #workout. Who else got one in? #fitfam #fitness https://t.co/QyAZz99g76
@ChloeDurrant_ Thanks for sharing the really appreciate it.
3 Proven Rituals That Will Make You #Motivated https://t.co/AlmbEVNZT2 via @bakadesuyo #motivation https://t.co/PrNIyFdznk

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