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#JobSeekers: Are you just looking for a job, or a career? Follow your dreams and go for the job your passionate about! #careergoals
Your #resume should not be your only job search tool! Focus on interview prep, networking leads, and industry-specific job boards.
Joking and lying on your #resume are not considered professional, regardless of your audience. Keep it clean, concise, and classy.
Thinking about updating your resume? Do it. Don't let your resume stall your job search. Questions? Let us help. https://t.co/OuDLoWqlOx
Don't use so many big words or phrases on your #resume that the reader loses sight of what you're trying to sell...YOU! #marketing
#careerchangers: put your most important/relevant information at the beginning of your resume. Use keywords and highlights where you can.
#Execs: You need an executive-level #resume that not only shows what you have done-but the potential you'll deliver at your next job.
Don't see a style that works for you? Our certified writers will customize a #resume unique to YOUR career goals! https://t.co/51wwlZgo7K
Here are some of the best ways to build your brand online: https://t.co/2UvJft0ifs #professionalresumes #excellence https://t.co/vpEL5tUdf7
Including "strong work ethic" as a skill on your #resume is a waste of words. Would they seriously hire someone with a "weak work ethic"?
In today's digital age, it IS still acceptable to hand your #resume to a person! You may just score a quick interview at the same time!
#ResumeTip: Using an online template? You still have to create content that is engaging and markets your skills/expertise. #hireapro
If you want your resume written by certified, award-winning writers, then you've come to the right place. https://t.co/viO1KAxuBe
#JobHunting? Don't shy away from asking for referrals-many jobs are earned based on referrals from existing employees within the company.
#CareerFairTip: No one wants to talk to a person standing in the corner with their arms crossed or hands in their pockets. #getoutthere

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Looking for work in today’s market is a numbers game-- so play the odds. #resumetip
Here are some of the best ways to build your brand online: http://bit.ly/2vJuZVO #professionalresumes #excellence
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Keep your name and brand at the top of people’s minds even when you’re not looking for a career change. #excellence
Here’s how to keep your executive network alive even when you’re not on the job hunt: http://bit.ly/2ePj4Ti #professionalresumes
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Your cover letter is your chance to show your personality and creativity. #resumewriter
Can blogging help boost your C-Level personal brand? http://bit.ly/2gLRJhE #professionalresumes
The key to making your cover letter stand out is to be appropriately creative in the writing: http://bit.ly/2ePG8kx #resumewriter
You never know when the perfect opportunity will present itself, so be prepared. #professionalresumes

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