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#CareerTip: Listen to your boss & coworkers-without interrupting them. Even if you know what they're going to say/do, take the polite path.
If you are rejected from a job, don't be afraid to ask why. Whatever answers you get will help you in future interviews.
Here is a hilarious video where you will see a job interview MASTER at work! https://t.co/OienxxfHem #funnyjobinterview
Is your #LinkedIn getting you career "hits"? Do you each section completed? We can help! https://t.co/l5Gb8LGKLe
Starting a new job? Know where your skills will help you fit in quickly, as well as where you will need help from others to improve.
Including links to social media profiles on your #resume? Who you follow and who follows you will be seen by potential employers. #besmart
#JobSeekers: "We all have to have the mentality that we have to work for everything we're going to get." ~ Steven Curry #maketheeffort
Have you read our blog? We offer some great career advice, #resume tips, interview hints, job search trends, etc. https://t.co/Lgsyc06af9
#collegepeeps: as you prep for your post-grad life, remember that potential employers can see your shenanigans on s… https://t.co/sqnLyeFlyR
#ResumeTip: Unless you're a model or actor, do not put your photo on your resume. LinkedIn profile-for sure...resume...no.
Use your words wisely and in the right situations. https://t.co/nO2Ts41OqI
The #interview is where you need to showcase your skills that are relevant to the job. Have concrete, visual proof of your accomplishments.
If you aren't networking on LinkedIn, then you may be missing out on potential job opportunities! Let us help! https://t.co/l5Gb8LGKLe
Keep things simple. #AugustWilson https://t.co/gB82vpAo0G
#ResumeTip: Don't overuse bold or all caps. It's loud and annoying. Save these features for significant achievements and/or titles. #tacky

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So you've found the perfect executive job, but you're having trouble with your cover letter? Writing an effective cover letter can be tricky, but we are here to help: http://bit.ly/2iGmPbA #coverletter
Use your words wisely and in the right situations.
Keep things simple. #AugustWilson
Do you know where the Royal Family looks when they need new employees? That's right, they use LinkedIn! http://bit.ly/2m5nFU9 #LinkedIn @gmanews
Entering into the job search market can be really scary and frustrating without help. Check out my coaching services and let’s make your next move a great one! http://bit.ly/2AlZzXx #jobsearch
Keep your chin up and keep moving!
Are you on LinkedIn? Here are 10 things that every job-seeker should be doing on LinkedIn right now: http://bit.ly/2yidMUH #linkedIn @forbes
Sometimes, it's even more helpful to know what NOT to do when looking for a job! Here are 10 of worst job search tips ever: http://bit.ly/2AmZZgm #jobsearchtips
Are you happy with your results so far?
If you're looking for a bold, interesting, and easy to absorb networking resume, we can help with that! http://bit.ly/2hfht6G #resumetips

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