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RT @CareeResourceIn: 30 Career Experts Teach How To Resign Gracefully @feathercomm @ICANLADY @Kellyskomments #CareerResource #Jobhunt http…
RT @CareeResourceIn: 30 Career Experts Teach How To Resign Gracefully @ICANLADY @feathercomm @Kellyskomments @Minu…
Great advice--be smart and research the company to know how you can help them. Make their lives easier and SHOW how…
RT @laurastack: Talented people are expensive to replace, so keep them happy and challenged. #Productivity Pro Tip 3001
RT @CareeResourceIn: 30 Career Experts Teach How To Resign Gracefully @feathercomm @ICANLADY @Kellyskomments #CareerResource #Jobhunt http…
Excited to be included in this @Monster article - check it out if you haven't looked for a job in quite some time.
RT @mfgjobscom: This Is How You Negotiate A Higher Salary @feathercomm
"Job History and Relevance on a Resume" by @feathercomm on @LinkedIn
Check out our most recent article on @mfgjobscom!
RT @mfgjobscom: Following Up To A Job Interview After No Response … by Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish @feathercomm #j…
Had an awesome time today at the @PolkaDotPowerH meeting in Eau Claire--just a fabulous group of positive women looking for connections!
RT @BironClark: Job hunting? Make sure you're not making these 4 "deadly" #Resume mistakes #jobsearch #jobs #career…
Motivating and awesome takeaways from @ThomasBlackwell! Thanks for sharing your insights. #quantumsalessummit
So excited...just signed up for Sales Camp in February! Going to learn even more from @ursulamentjes! #quantumsalessummit
Listening to an awesome panel discussion at the #quantumsalessummit

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Do the hiring manager's work - make it easy for them!
Be sure to get these things OFF of your resume--TODAY!
Even though it's Monday...and snowy...and icy...let's make it an AWESOME day!
Fuzzy is enjoying a lazy Saturday.
Someone is ready for the weekend...
When is the last time you updated your resume? If you haven't updated it in a while, make it a PRIORITY. You never know when the perfect opportunity may present itself!
What is the WORST part about updating your resume and when is the last time you reviewed your own resume? #TellMeTuesday
Tiger is literally climbing the windows...does that mean he doesn't want to be in the office on a Sunday?!?!
How are your Sundays? We like to use them to relax and plan for the upcoming week.
I'm excited to be included on this site--it features the Top Job Search Articles of 2017!

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