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Had an awesome time today at the @PolkaDotPowerH meeting in Eau Claire--just a fabulous group of positive women looking for connections!
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Motivating and awesome takeaways from @ThomasBlackwell! Thanks for sharing your insights. #quantumsalessummit
So excited...just signed up for Sales Camp in February! Going to learn even more from @ursulamentjes! #quantumsalessummit
Listening to an awesome panel discussion at the #quantumsalessummit
Listening to @ursulamentjes right now! Awesome information from #quantumsalessummit
Excited for the #quantumsales summit today!
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I am so EXCITED to be included in this article regarding mastering the job hunt! See More
I'm excited to be featured in the latest article by Job Search Bible! Career experts were asked about The Single Most Important Consideration For Your Resume - and, I'm fortunate enough to be included as an expert in this article! See More
Because I often post pictures of our "outdoor" co-workers, I thought I'd give you an update... Our "employee," Will, showed two pigs at the Colfax Fair over the weekend. He earned a grand champion for his gilt, a grand champion for his barrow, and a grand champion in showmanship - we are THRILLED with how responsible and hard-working he has been with his pigs.'s back to the office for everyone! :)
From our office to you...have a wonderful weekend!
Did you know that we have a Job Seeker's Survival Kit that includes templates for a resume, cover letter, and thank you note? The best part? I've included all instructions within the you will know exactly what to do. And...did you know that it is only $7! It's an amazing resource that helps you build your documents for today's job market! Click the link below to learn even more! See More
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Have an amazing Wednesday!
I just attended a Polka Dot Powerhouse - Menomonie Chapter meeting - yahoo! If you are a woman looking for a group of no-nonsense, drama-free, forward-thinking, and smart women--you should check out this wonderful group! There are groups all over the country, an online group, and there is a new chapter in Canada, too!
If you are an experienced job seeker (over the age of 40) - check out our blog on this very topic. As you create your resume, keep these key items in-mind. See More
It's a great Monday! I just found out that I'm featured in this recent article at Go Banking Rates - check it out! See More

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