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RT @CareeResourceIn: 30 Career Experts Teach How To Resign Gracefully @feathercomm @ICANLADY @Kellyskomments #CareerResource #Jobhunt http…
RT @CareeResourceIn: 30 Career Experts Teach How To Resign Gracefully @ICANLADY @feathercomm @Kellyskomments @Minu…
Great advice--be smart and research the company to know how you can help them. Make their lives easier and SHOW how…
RT @laurastack: Talented people are expensive to replace, so keep them happy and challenged. #Productivity Pro Tip 3001
RT @CareeResourceIn: 30 Career Experts Teach How To Resign Gracefully @feathercomm @ICANLADY @Kellyskomments #CareerResource #Jobhunt http…
Excited to be included in this @Monster article - check it out if you haven't looked for a job in quite some time.
RT @mfgjobscom: This Is How You Negotiate A Higher Salary @feathercomm
"Job History and Relevance on a Resume" by @feathercomm on @LinkedIn
Check out our most recent article on @mfgjobscom!
RT @mfgjobscom: Following Up To A Job Interview After No Response … by Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish @feathercomm #j…
Had an awesome time today at the @PolkaDotPowerH meeting in Eau Claire--just a fabulous group of positive women looking for connections!
RT @BironClark: Job hunting? Make sure you're not making these 4 "deadly" #Resume mistakes #jobsearch #jobs #career…
Motivating and awesome takeaways from @ThomasBlackwell! Thanks for sharing your insights. #quantumsalessummit
So excited...just signed up for Sales Camp in February! Going to learn even more from @ursulamentjes! #quantumsalessummit
Listening to an awesome panel discussion at the #quantumsalessummit

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I'm so thankful to do something that I LOVE--helping job seekers during the job search. Check out this recent quote from Brett--another happy client! #ThanksfulThursday
Today was another day at a wonderful Polka Dot Powerhouse event! We went to the Polka Dot Powerhouse - Twin Cities Chapter meeting in St. Paul! What do you do to network and expand your circle of influence? Be sure you are building those relationships NOW so that you have collaborative opportunities in the future!
Did you know that I recently launched an email course that guides you through the job-searching process from start to finish? With free resume, cover letter, and thank you letter templates, it covers everything that you need - for only $57!
This is our office-mate, Tiger, in last night's version of laying under the Christmas tree...he's just adorable!
If you are wondering how far back to go on your resume - check out our #TipTuesday!
Do you have the #MondayBlues as you go to a job that is less-than-stellar? Contact me today - I'll help you land an interview and new job opportunity sooner rather than later!
Have a terrific Sunday...cheers to a great week ahead!
Our tree is decorated and Tiger decided to make the tree skirt his napping place for the evening...
Since it turned colder here, I often think about is a picture from our most recent annual August fishing trip to Canada!
In-person networking tips for job MUST get out there!

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