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As a women's career success coach, Kathy Caprino helps you find -- and clear -- the pathway to your career bliss.

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Thanks for sharing! RT @kchernecky: 9 Behaviors of People Who Positively Impact The World @kathycaprino
Thank you! RT : I heard Kathy speak on a great podcast interview with @jess_catorc and @kathycaprino, which resonat…
@Missjflar Hey Julia - After a brutal corporate layoff after 9/11, I transformed my career - earned a masters in Ma…
Don't miss this incredible @TEDTalks by @thordiselva and Tom Stranger. A shining example of "finding brave" in our…
Honored to be quoted in this helpful piece - My Family Doesn’t Approve Of My Career—Now What?
3 Essential Steps To Becoming More Authentic In Life And Work via @forbes
3 Powerful Steps To Becoming More Authentic - part of Kathy Caprino's new "Finding Brave" video series
I just donated to @LornaByrne 's beautiful Children's Foundation. They're engaged in powerfully impactful, life-cha…
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6 Crippling Fears That Push Success Away via @thrive
Excited to be quoted in this new @Moneyish article by @meerajag on How To Seize an Open Job at Work
@PRBizMom So glad this spoke to you, Tonya! Thanks for sharing.
RT @PRBizMom: Can I tell you how much I loved your article The Crushing Similarities Between Family And Business Dysfunction? You nailed it…
Award-Winning Director Kari Skogland Shares Key Lessons For Thriving In Entertainment via @forbes
RT @LindaLuo_CRE: @kathycaprino: "#8 Don’t waste one second of time on 'should'"

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This talk is riveting, heartrending and so very important. I am in awe of both Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger for "finding brave" in exploring and discussing with the world this traumatic, violent event that changed both of their lives forever. For me, two critical and much-needed points were made in this TED talk - First, it's about time we stop treating sexual violence as a women's issue. And second, it's time now that we bring humanity to this discussion, but also the raw strength and honesty to admit and recognize, by the perpetrators, what they have done, and truly own it.
Here's a little holiday gift from me to you - a few fun recordings of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and two other beautiful holiday tunes, with me on vocals accompanied by wonderful jazz percussionist Arthur Lipner. Hope you enjoy them! And please make sure you bring your creative talents forward in 2018 in ways that bring you joy and fulfillment. Happy Holidays!
Important reminders and tips here for those seriously considering leaving corporate life to pursue becoming a coach.
Honored to be quoted in this straight-talking piece on what to do when your family doesn't approve of your career, by Pavithra Mohan via Fast Company
Here's a MUST HAVE for coaches who want to identify their ideal niche and stand out in it. Join me for my free webinar Dec. 15th at Noon EST!
Here's a short video on How To Become More Authentic - a topic I'm asked about a great deal. Take these 3 steps to "find your brave" and become more real, honest and true to yourself, in life and work. And check out my new Finding Brave podcast for more information on finding your brave. -
One of my holiday joys is giving to a foundation or charity that is doing powerfully needed, beautiful work in the world. Today, I donated to Lorna Byrne's Children's Foundation. If you would like to help the children of the world, please consider Lorna's life-changing foundation. Happy Holidays with love!
Are you a coach who loves your work but needs more success, profit and reward to continue? I'd LOVE to help! Join me for my FREE marketing and business growth webinar training for coaches - Dec. 15th at Noon EST!
Are you wondering why success seems so difficult to attain? Here's what I've found to be the 6 crippling fears that push success away. via Thrive Global
I'm excited and honored to be quoted in this helpful article by Meera Jagannathan via Dow Jones Moneyish about what to do to land an open job at work. Hope this moves you forward!

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