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As a women's career success coach, Kathy Caprino helps you find -- and clear -- the pathway to your career bliss.

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@JesseLynStoner Thank you for all your amazing teachings, Jesse!
Join @LornaByrne LIVE as she shares with us messages from the angels re: "The Future of The World" - 10/24, Noon EST
Important read! 10 Things Every Team Leader Needs to Know via @JesseLynStoner
YWCA's New CEO Shares Her Vision As A Latina Leader Of Influence via @forbes
@neurotic_parent - Fab post - 8 People You Need to Quit Talking to Senior Year (I howled!). I'd love to interview you for my @Forbes blog.
I LOVE this - so true! Here are the 8 People You Need to Quit Talking to During Senior Year via @grownandflown
SO excited to host the inspiring @LornaByrne in a LIVE webinar - The Future of the World. Join us 10/24 Noon EST!
Thank u! RT @DancingCurtain: @kathycaprino's great Ted Talk: Time To Brave Up #tedtalk #inspiration #bebrave
How The System Itself Perpetuates And Sustains Sexual Harassment In The Workplace via @forbes
Thanks so much, Kristen and @Mark_Kido! RT @KPressner: Love ❤️!!
Thank you Melissa and @kirstinferguson! @MJ_author: What a fabulous dream!!!
RT @kirstinferguson: This is Kathy (@@kathycaprino) #CelebratingWomen (Profile 558) #braveup #success #womenatwork #happiness #keynotespea…
Thank you SO much, @kirstinferguson for highlighting my work in #CelebratingWomen! I'm truly honored and thrilled!
5 Clear Signs You Have A Narcissistic Wound To Heal
Powerful tips here! How to Make Your Point and Be Heard When You Speak Up via @JesseLynStoner

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Join me and the deeply inspiring Lorna Byrne October 24 at Noon EST as Lorna shares messages from the angels about the future of our world. Don't miss this powerful live event. Only 500 seats available - register today!
Very honored and excited to interview Alejandra Castillo, the new CEO of YWCA USA, in my Women@Forbes blog today!
Incredibly excited to co-host another live video interview with international bestselling spiritual author, peace ambassador and charity founder Lorna Byrne. 500 spots available to join us live as Lorna shares critical messages about the future of the world.
Extremely powerful and revealing interview with neuroscientist and tech entrepreneur Dr. Vivienne Ming on how her "male privilege" in her career immediately disappeared after she transitioned. ("Male privilege" is the concept that men have certain advantages within society for no other reason than the fact they are men.) Must watch, via 100 Women
Check out this very important event sponsored by the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce in Greenwich, CT, featuring Gretchen Carlson! Hope you can make it.
Here's my personal take on how the existing systems in our society -- at work, in our communities and in our families - perpetuate and sustain sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, via Women@Forbes. What are your thoughts on this issue?
Reminiscing about our incredible Light from the Dawn (www.lightfromthedawn) retreat in Mykonos! Here are some photos capturing the magic. Thank you again to the entire group for their amazing contribution and participation, and to the awesome organizers and co-hosts Avril McDonald, Kaisa Sudasi Peltola, Charlotte Aimee Gillbanks and Miisa Mink! Missing Greece right now!
So honored to be included in the amazing #CelebratingWomen movement, begun by the inspiring CelebratingWomen Dr. Kirstin Ferguson. Watch her uplifting video about how she dreams with this movement to help every woman on the planet recognize that they are important, valued and impactful, and they are beautiful role models to others every day.
Narcissism is rampant in our world today, and adult children of narcissists carry wounds from it. Here are 5 signs you may have a wound to heal, via

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