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Lea McLeod provides Corporate Coaching and Career Consulting Services to help employees improve performance in their jobs.

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All work does not have the same value. All hours in your day do not have the same value either. Spend them wisely. #time #productivity
Start your day with TRIAGE. Yes, #prioritize prioritizing because it takes a ton of brain energy, and is best done when you're fresh. #time
It’s not how busy you are, it’s about how deliberate you are. 4 Mistakes Making You Less Productive #intentional
Are you? Gallup’s analysis revealed 51% of workers searching for new jobs. by @lydiabreakfast via @FastCompany
Struggling with knowing the best work for you? Start by learning about you. Personality type is a good start. ==>
RT @GordonTredgold: #quote #image
How to be a great employee: Don't let your boss get blindsided. Give them a heads up when you see something going sideways. #jobadvice
Overwhelmed by your #jobSearch? Do one thing. Every day. Then do the next thing.
I use StrengthsFinder to help clients identify the innate #talents they have. The best $15 you'll ever spend:
#Success is based on People first, and Strategy second. - Jack Welch #Quote #Leadership
I like this ==> How Successful People Finish All Their Work by Thur (Stress-Free) @dailymuse @kat_boogaard #career
Harvey balls today. Google it. #slideware
#Happiness research shows the biggest obstacle to #creativity is being too #busy.
Really, "PRODUCTIVTY" is about the difference between Status Quo, and Possibility. #Innovate #Intention #SpendItWisely
RT @LeaMcLeod: RT @mibodymind: 8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Boss via @dailymuse #Career #WorkSmart

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