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Lea McLeod provides Corporate Coaching and Career Consulting Services to help employees improve performance in their jobs.

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I wonder if this will result in the selling of more drugs, among other things... RT @qz: If you didn’t have high b…
RT @WendyBella29: This Is How You Give Honest Feedback to Anyone, Anytime—Without Hurting Feelings…
OMG, @United, I'm 9 minutes into a 30 minute wifi purchase on flight 1666, and finally got a web page to load. Seri…
Bravo, #Virginia. #Bravo.
RT @PtNandKishoreDe: RT @GordonTredgold: If you want to become a leader start by leading yourself #leadership
RT @sinhashank2513: 4 Better Ways to Handle a Condescending Co-Worker Than Stooping to His Level via @TheMuse
@kccliffordkerry @GordonTredgold If you give up, the last key is designed by self-limiting. If you prevail in adve…
Follow up with employers who don't choose you - especially if you're in the final interview round. The first choice may not always work out!
The top 10 reasons good employees quit. #manager #workplace
RT @GordonTredgold: Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. Unknown #quote
When leaving your job, you should advise no one until your manager has been notified. via @leamcleod
Don't write a horrible cover letter. It's not that hard. Really #jobsearch #career
Yes, x 1 million. RT @Shea_Ki: Same here. ✨💖✨ #MoreLOVELessHate #Praying4Vegas #bekindtooneanother
What we need is a machine that will let us see the other guy's point of view. Arthur C. Clarke, #perspective #empathy
#Success is based on People first, and Strategy second. - Jack Welch #Quote #Leadership

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