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@SBLeaders @SmartBrief @farnamstreet @Leadershipfreak Thank you very much for including me!
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RT @2LinkedInGuys: #RedNoseDay is a reminder to list causes you're engaged in in the "Volunteer Experience" section of your #LinkedIn profi…
What a beautiful legacy: Robert H. Boyle, a Watchdog of the Hudson River, Dies at 88 @nytimes
RT @BruceTulgan: Great article feat. @lindseypollak on differences of Millennial managers - #Millennials #HR #mana…
Wow - even James Bond is a generational issue: "Roger Moore Was the Best Bond Because He Was the Gen X Bond"
RT @mtholyoke: .@KathrynFinney receiving her honorary degree from #MountHolyoke #mhc2017 🎓🎉
How do we know the millennial generation exists? Look at the data
@tchallasqueen Many of my clients ask me why their younger employees seem to avoid the phone at work.
@tchallasqueen I try really, really hard in my work not to do stereotype. I guess I didn't do the best job with this post.
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@2LinkedInGuys @LisaRangel @CareeResourceIn @GailTolstoiMill @Epic_CV @techstarsjohn Thank you!!
@tchallasqueen Thanks for letting me know!
Can't wait to read this! @jennromolini Weird in a World That's Not: A Career Guide for Misfits, F*ckups, & Failures
The thicker your skin, the less stress you will have." - love today's @AlizaLicht Blackboard newsletter!

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