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Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One
@marissadauleri0 I'm so glad you liked the session - thanks for the tweet and I hope you enjoy the book!
RT @marissadauleri0: Train reading material! Thank you @lindseypollak for the energetic and engaging talk today!
@aplovell @foxschool @STHM I'm so glad you enjoyed it - thank you for the tweet!
@foxschool @STHM It was a pleasure - thank you!
RT @HollyMPfeifer: Looking forward to this read for next week's mini-vacay. Thx again @lindseypollak
@HollyMPfeifer Yay! You will love it. Great to see you today!
@ChrisVitoTU @foxschool Great! See you soon.
RT @PwC_LLP: What 3 skills should you make sure you have to get your next job? We asked CEOs. Find out what they said:…
Looking forward to speaking to faculty & staff at @foxschool tomorrow - ping me if you'll be there!
RT @foxschool: Big news: The Fox Online MBA is ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for a third straight year, according to @usnews. More:…
@pshannon4 Thank you!
Millennials' rise to leadership will shape workplace dynamics positively. Here's why:
@LuukJunior Thank you! I'm working on a new book now...
RT @LuukJunior: Very much enjoyed reading "Becoming the Boss", and learned incredibly much. Look forward to obtaining your next work @linds…

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