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RT @donhutcheson11: #Millennial generation: Digital natives, identify w/ #causes instead of institutions, rewriting the rules." https://t.c…
"We're Gen Xers and we've got this." The Independent
Why Bosses Should Stop Thinking of ‘A Players,’ ‘B Players’ and ‘C Players’ - WSJ
RT @EYnews: The gig economy: a chance to control your costs or accelerate your growth? #BetterWorkingWorld https://…
7 Steps to Reduce Bias in Hiring - WSJ
Interesting - In many countries, Millennials more inclusive than elders in views of national identity @pewresearch
RT @NC5PhilWilliams: This is the @Newseum's Journalists Memorial, listing the 2,291 individuals who have died around the world reporting th…
Wow - bet we see more of this: College Costs Too Much? Paves Way to Graduate Faster @nytimes
Great new email series: @hiredbound. Offers career tips, tools, & humor - sign up here:
RT @susanthesquark: I wrote something up this weekend about my year at Uber, and why I left:
RT @cindygallop: To Silicon Valley VCs/investors expressing outrage: simple to solve this immediately. FUND FEMALE FOUNDERS. Get better uni…
@SeniorPower I believe all gens need to better understand and flex for each other.
.@susanmcp1 is pushing companies & business to take on social activism & impact. @Forbes @thelist @johnsonwhitney
Yes, #millennials want smart news - @mic Knows How to Speak Millennial: An Interview with CSO @coryhaik
RT @BrookingsInst: Today, half of Americans under 18 are racial minorities and a quarter are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants…

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