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What are your top three #favoritepodcasts? I'll start @planetmoney @mastersofscale @HowIBuiltThis
Coming home: Millennial “Boomerang” workers are reviving Rust Belt job growth - Axios
Generation Y Takes Over - WSJ
Thank you to @CBIANews @cbiaHC for inviting me to keynote today at @OakdaleTheatre - it was a great event!
Young people flock to Snap, flee Facebook - @axios
Yep, I remember: Millennials are no harder to manage than GenX, according to the commentary of the 1990s @quartz
@bartellpeter @DCTechRecruiter @crada @KevinOwens7 @mattz62 @ChristyCareer @SNHUCareerCtr @_davidfairhurst Thank you for the endorsement!
ALL generations matter! Baby Boomers to Advertisers: Don’t Forget About Us - The New York Times
RT @marisoll_usc: One of my favorite keynote speakers! As a millennial in the workplace this article really hits home #WorkLifeBalance #Mil…
@marisoll_usc Thank you, Marisol!!
RT @Amygaston6: Just over here waiting for my grad class to end so I can start this gem 🤓 thanks @WomenLeadersCS for the intro to @lindseyp…
@Amygaston6 @WomenLeadersCS Thank you and I hope you like the book!
An Expert Tells You How to Turn Your Career Challenges Into Opportunities - LOVE this from @caliyost @lennyletter
New analysis says there is in fact no "narcissism epidemic" among college stuents. What do you think?
I couldn’t agree more - Many millennials living at home are making wise $ choice - @Curbed

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What are YOU reading? . . . . . . Jonathan Fields Gary Keller Michael Bungay Stanier Warren Berger • Author & Speaker
Five Workplace Advances Asked for By Millennials That All Generations Enjoy:
If you start reading Becoming the Boss today, perhaps we can celebrate YOU for #NationalBossDay October 16, 2018?
Spoiler alert: when it comes to leadership styles, one size fits none.
Generational change is not a problem to overcome. It's an opportunity to be realized. I had a wonderful time speaking at Women Leaders in College Sports #WomenLeaders17 What a terrific event.
Some levity... Enjoy your weekend!
New research on Gen Z in the Workforce
A note from me.
The Benefits and Challenges of Being Authentic At Work, advice from The Ladders
It’s not millennials’ fault they got trophies. What that means for managing millennials:

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