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Work with Maggie Mistal, a career change coach. Considering a career change? Need a little nudge? Contact Maggie, an executive coach to start today.

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How to Build Connections with People in Jobs You Love:
Building relationships is an important part of doing great work. Have you reached out to anyone new to expand your…
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My pleasure Lillian @llake
When I didn't/forgot to smile, I missed feeling the positive energy. Sending happy smiles your way @ABEducational 😃😃
@noelneu @mscator Going to take this to heart Noel. #spiritchat
@llake @IntuitiveHeal @JanetNestor ❤️❤️❤️ Go Janet! #spiritchat
I'm so jealous but so happy for you Carol @cvarsalona #SpiritChat a7
Ha-yes! @AjmaniK @ABEducational #SpiritChat 😃😃😃
@womenandbiz I can appreciate that. I resist surrendering (ego) but know it's the path to greater peace, happiness & success #SpiritChat
@WonderPix here you go Hope you appreciate it :)
@llake here's a link #SpiritChat
Namaste Kumud @AjmaniK and everyone on #SpiritChat today. Your wisdom is abundant & any tradeoff I had to make to…
RT @JanetNestor: A8 I'd say get to know the water first, and then dive if it is inviting, loving, compassionate. #SpiritChat
RT @IntuitiveHeal: Experienced swimmers check the depth before they dive. LOL A8 #spiritchat

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How to Build Connections with People in Jobs You Love:
There's a difference between motivation and follow-through. You might be motivated to change careers or find your dream job but those who make the change and find the dream are following-through with concrete actions to make them happen. I'm happy to support you in making things happen.
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Expand Your Network, Expand Your Opportunities: Learn How to Cold Call For an Informational Interview. Listen to my latest podcast featuring PR Expert Lauren Banyar Reich:
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Setting up dates for my upcoming fall #mastermind series. Here's a fun ? I posed to a past mastermind group: If I was a career genie, what 3 wishes would you ask for?
"Leap and the net will appear." Always loved that quote. What's your favorite motivational saying? #HappyMonday
Happiness is...looking forward to Monday as much as the weekend. #AlwaysFollowYourDreams
Happy Friday! Don't let this be your happiest day of the week. Get your Soul Search, Research and Job Search on and align your work with your life:

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