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Speaking on @tcu #connectionculture 1:15 pm today at #cupahr17
RT @athenaonline: When delivering criticism do you follow the "three pluses and a wish" rule? @michaelstallard #HRTech…
Why #connection is a matter of life and death: #Wellness
Few, if any, employees feel that they receive enough praise at work. How to change that: #Leadership
Genuine praise builds #connection with employees over time. Helpful tips from @RandyConley:
Science of storytelling: why and how to use it in your marketing
RT @AJO_NJ: Great story from a former HR Studio Podcast guest - Mike Stallard. @michaelstallard #culture #engagement…
RT @ExecuNet: 3 Practices that Helped @Costco Become America's Best Employer | Insight from @michaelstallard #Conne…
If #leadership requires both task & relationship excellence, how do you improve relationships? Tips:
Many thanks to @CausePlanet for hosting me in this podcast on the importance of culture in #nonprofits:
Thanks @RandyConley for sharing my article on @Costco
Fantastic advice on avoiding unintended consequences of nonverbal communication from @HalellyAzulay…
The Real Campus Scourge: Loneliness #connectionculture
As @wallybock reminds us, caring for people is an essential aspect of #leadership - regardless of personality.
Why Costco tops the list of large American employers: #ConnectionCulture

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Check out these two outstanding TED Talks that explain why connection is so critical to our health:
Are your employees getting enough of this critical element at work? Good reminder from Randy Conley:
Many thanks to CausePlanet founder Denise McMahan for inviting me to participate in her podcast on the importance of culture in nonprofit organizations. Listen to our conversation:
Task excellence + relationship excellence = sustainable superior performance. Great reminders from Wally Bock for those working toward relationship excellence.
Why is Costco's workplace culture so effective? The answer:
Many thanks to Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate for hosting me on the program to talk about what makes Costco's culture unique:
American organizations desperately need #ConnectionCulture
Investing in peer relationships at work matters, reminds Mary Jo Asmus.
The media is buzzing with talk of a big free agent contract for Kirk Cousins, which isn't surprising. Some thoughts I previously shared on the young quarterback's strong sense of connection and how it sets him up for success:
"It doesn’t matter how brilliant or charismatic you are as a leader; if your people don’t think you have their best interests in mind and truly care for them, they won’t give you their trust, loyalty, and best performance."

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