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RT @YouTern: Let's get you #hired! "Job Seeker Reality: How to Become the One Candidate #Employers Care About" on #InternPro tonight 8ET. #…
@Zaffino Super moon from The Dalles - moon set over Seven Mile Hill.
RT @Comey: “But justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” Amos 5:24
I love you, @AlaskaAir ! Thanks for the upgrade tomorrow.
#ExpoExpo attendees: I have opened up more time for free resume reviews today. First come first served. Marriott Ri…
@IAEE_HQ FYI – I am doing resume reviews in room 529 at the Marriott river center... GES dropped off an audiovisual…
#ExpoExpo holiday ships here on San Antonio’s River Walk. And it’s 71 degrees. Awesome!
Get your resume reviewed for free thanks to IAEE! Pls txt 503-539-3954 to reserve one of the last slots! #ExpoExpo
All resume reviews for #expoexpo are taking place at the Marriott RiverCenter on the fifth floor, room 529. Advanced reservations required.
I have a cancellation for resume reviews at 10:45 AM today. Please let me know if you’re interested. #ExpoExpo
Time flies when you are having fun! Pathfinder Writing and Career Services turns 10 years old today. 😍
#networking is the lifeblood of a successful job search. You can hear the podcast I did with @MacsListJobs here:
RT @HaysWorldwide: Do you think your #boss might be looking for a #newjob? Here are five signs you could be right:
Career management is a concept that entails being mindful about where you are going and what you aim to become... at all times.
@Zaffino Thanks for showing my fire smoke pic on news tonite!

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The other day, I was catching up on my emails from being gone, and found this message: "Dear Dawn: My name is _______ and I'm 30 years old. Today at work I received a 30 day warning from my two bosses that if I don't get my act together work-wise, they'll have to let me go. The scary thing is that this could be my SEVENTH layoff in six years." My biggest concern for this job seeker is that they are referencing their departure from an employer as a layoff. A layoff is when a position is eliminated, the company closes, or there isn't enough money in the budget to pay for that position. This person is totally misunderstanding their situation. They have been terminated. That's an entirely different conversation. Hopefully, they grasp the difference in meaning so they aren't misrepresenting themselves. I quickly advised this young person about the proper use of terminology. I also asked them to also take a good hard look at themselves to better understand why there have been so many terminations. One or at the most two terminations might have some causes beyond their control (i.e. BossZilla), but 7 is a huge red flag. My concern is that they are impatient and entitled as that they were coming across that way in the message to me. If I can pick that up from one interaction (email), it's likely being screamed out in the workplace.
One of the blessings of the work that I do is speak to groups. This week, I am onsite at IAEE’s Expo Expo in San Antonio, TX providing one on one resume reviews and a presentation about amping up your LinkedIn profile.
Given that most people's resumes are AWFUL, any little bit helps, especially if you aren't working with a resume writer.
Getting unstuck can help you boost your positive contributions at work. Try this!
I've been keeping tabs on what HR practitioners have been discussing, and a lot of it has to do with artificial intelligence (AI). Here's what you need to know:
Get ready... get set...GO!
Touchy subject (literally) but an important one: Sexual harrassment happens in the workplace, but begins in school. Remember: if this behavior isn't addressed early, it lasts a lifetime.
Is this a new trend?
If you have ever dealt with an underperforming co-worker, you can appreciate how them not ever getting fired could make your worklife hell.

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