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#ResumeTip: Shine the Spotlight On Your Potential. Visit our website:
What can bite you in a job interview? Here are some success tips, especially if it has been a while.
#LinkedInTip: You should be updating your LinkedIn regularly with new connections, status updates, and activity.
#LinkedInTip: You should aim to add 6-10 connections a week if you are actively searching for a new job.
Don’t list all the schools you’ve attended in your resume. Get more info... #careersuccess #jobsearch
Think outside the box in coming up with your interview questions - you will uncover hidden gems.
Be careful about giving away too much on your executive job interview. Read more... #executive #resume
#LinkedInTip: Dig your well before youre thirsty, create your LinkedIn profile now before you need it.
Is work-life balance a myth? Wendy Clark shares how she integrates her life with her work.
#JobSearchTips: Dont use your current work phone and email on your job search because thats monitored.
#LinkedInTip: Use LinkedIn People Search function to look for people you know and invite them to connect with you.
#LinkedInTip: Dont Set it and Forget It. Your LinkedIn profile is an evolving snapshot of you.
#LinkedInTip: Seek out opportunities to connect with thought leaders in your industry.
#ResumeTips for stay at home moms: Emphasize continued Learning. Many stay at home moms keep up- to-date.
#JobSearchTips: Using your companys Wi-Fi isnt a good idea; every page you visit will be recorded in the server.

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