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#LinkedInTip: Dont indiscriminately connect with people. Get to know them a bit before sending a connection request.
Five Sage Career Tips from High-Flying Women for Women
They say to imitate that which you want. So here are some habits for job seekers.
#LinkedInTip: Seek out opportunities to connect with thought leaders in your industry.
#JobSearchTips: Job ads are like wish lists. It gives you an idea of what the recipient wants.
#LinkedInTip: Dont Set it and Forget It. Your LinkedIn profile is an evolving snapshot of you.
Is Your Resume Outdated? Resumes now have social media links. Find out more... #careerhunt #jobsearch
What IS networking? In a word - relationships.
The best time to build your LinkedIn profile, and connect with people on LinkedIn is now, before you need it.
#Downsizing can be a tough time for both you and your #employees. Let us help #HR #outplacement
#FunnyFriday - Riklan Resources... always trying to find the humor in a challenging job market.
#ResumeTips: Show continuing education instead of faking a degree. Visit out site:
Susan Wojcicki on being a mom of 5 and CEO and the concept of leaning in.
#ResumeTips for stay at home moms: Dont let employment gaps get your resume trashed.
#LinkedInTip: Dont restrict your LinkedIn networking to online only. Meet for coffee, or lunch, to catch up.

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