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When you start searching for #jobs, only apply for ones that you can see as a #benefit in your future. Read more…
Potential applicants will want to know who they’ll be working with if they get accepted in your company. Read more…
Scary Job Interview Questions
#FunnyFriday - Riklan Resources... always trying to find the humor in a challenging job market.
Things to Consider before Relocating for a New Job
Learn how to stay connected, the #millennial way. Read more… #networking #career #resume #future
Job Hunting Survival Tips for an Executive Who Has Never Looked for a Job in Decades
George W. Bush placed emphasis on grit and determination for attaining success and #career satisfaction. Read more…
Do everything you can to help your employees through the transitions of a layoff.
Resume Trends to Watch in 2017
Taking your first step in the right direction forms the basis of a bright #career. Learn more…
Sometimes, a job can look right on paper, but something is just lacking. Follow your instincts. Read more… #career
Executive Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
Always follow up after an #emailwar at the #office. A little kindness goes a long way. Read more… #careertips
How to Deal with Email Conflicts at the Office

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Good often means just passable or adequate. But raise the standards a little, and you can go from good to better. Raise it even more, and you can be recognized as the best in your field. Find out more…
It is possible to do what you love and make great money. Here are 5 ways to switch careers and defy ageism in your 50’s. Get more details…
5 Steps to a Successful (And Not So Awkward) Informational Interview
#FunnyFriday - Riklan Resources... always trying to find the humor in a challenging job market.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself 10 years from now. Now visualize your work. Is your current position putting you on the path to that dream job? Get more details…
Something you write may sound different in your head and can be taken a completely different context by the recipient of an email. If that person becomes angry or defensive and emails you back with an inappropriate (to you) response, and you answer in kind, you may be starting an email war. Find out more…
There’s good news – executives over 50 don’t need to stick it out until retirement. If you’re bored doing the same things every year, that’s an incentive to change your job. Find out how…
#Layoffs are never easy for you or your #employees - Let us help them find their strengths #HR #outplacement

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