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Always be prepared! #salary #tip #interview
Customize your resume for the job: Circle key words in job description and use in your resume. Highlight those skills in your summary.
#Jobseekers Is your LinkedIn profile complete? If your name is googled, what are the page 1 results? It matters.
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How to Begin Your Job Search Long Before Graduation -
Take the Job Search Jumpstart 10 Day Challenge! The job you've always wanted is waiting!:…
INFOGRAPHIC: 5 #resume Tips for stay at home parents looking to return to the paid workforce - See more at:
Online resources to take the next step through education
Another happy client testimonial...
Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Interviewer -
Get interviews by doing this -
RT @ClarkHoward: Career expert reveals 9 secrets to #resume #success #mondaymotivation #careeradvice…
Follow up is key!
How to ask your network for help
A #jobsearch can be stressful, tough to navigate. Reach out for support & assistance: be it a friend, family member…

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Learn how to land your ideal job with the Job Search Jumpstart 10 Day Challenge: #letsdothis #career
The 8 Steps to #LinkedIn Success online program is a self-guided course designed to totally demystify LinkedIn for everyone:
This is what a well-written #resume can do! #jobsearchsuccess
Some of Laurie's top tips for resume success are featured in this article with before and after examples!
Start the 10 day challenge! Are you ready to get the job you have always wanted? #jobsearch
Starting the week off right being selected as one of the Best Career Blogs for Women by Beauty Pros - thank you so much! Honored to be included in this collection of valued career resources.
#Jobseeker: Keywords relevant to your job target woven throughout your LinkedIn profile will help increase your ability to be found online.
#jobseekers: don't wait til night before #interview to prep. Think abt answers & review resume 2-3 days before. Review & relax night before.
Interviewing at a company on casual Friday? Doesn't matter. Dress professionally for the interview.
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