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Email is one of the best ways to reach out to new contacts. But how should you format that email? Try this template:
Don't just wait around for a new job to find you! Take the Job Search Jumpstart 10 Day Challenge!:…
Proofread your #resume and #career documents several times. Have someone else do it as well. Don't let an error get…
Confidence is contagious. Walk in 2 the #jobinterview believing you're the right candidate for the job & you're hal…
#Goals for every #jobinterview question you answer and every question you ask. #stayfocused #letsdothis
Tips for re-entering the job force after a hiatus
How to prepare for your job search
A job search support team is a must
While in a #jobsearch, commit to taking at least #onesmallstep every day. Consistent activity will lead to #results…
It's the key factor!
Check out the FREE Job Search Jumpstart 10 Day Challenge! Your new job is within reach!…
#Jobsearching? Be smart about your exit once you accept a #newjob. Stay #professional. Don't sour relationship with…
#Jobseekers If your summary refers to a "proven track record," be sure to back it up with proof, details, #s in your job descriptions.
How to Know When It’s Time to Make a Job or #CareerChange - #jobsearchadvice #jobsearchsuccess #letsdothis
How to dress for success at work -

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#Jobseekers need to have a game plan in place when offers come in. If it's not in line with career goals, will you continue #job search?
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Click for what may be the easiest way to get started in your job search.
#Jobseekers: allow yourself to rejuveniate over the weekend, but be sure 2 carve time out to develop a game plan & target goals 4 next week.
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