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Unconventional Interactions: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat Sept. 24th https://t.co/lkJXfd8PhH
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Pls #follow >> @CozyRebekah #folloback #blogging #writingtips - New to Twitter. 😃👍
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2017 Holiday Gift Guide ~ Now Accepting Product Submissions
$150 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway ~ Worldwide 10/10
The gift-giving season picks up every time the holidays set in and it is never too early to think ahead. We have to find appropriate gifts to share with our friends and family. Considering that everyone has his or her own preference, finding the right gift for our loved ones is a challenging and stressful affair. You have to research extensively to figure out what would suit each and every person that you intend to gift during the holidays. [ 630 more words ] http://takeitpersonelly.com/2017/09/19/tips-to-navigate-smoothly-through-the-holiday-gift-giving-season-at-your-office/
Being young and looking for a career can be a daunting challenge, but one thing to consider is where the jobs will likely be found. Two important factors are the demand for certain jobs and the overall direction of the economy. For this reason, you need to consider logistics. This aspect of business is not only important, but it is growing in importance. [ 500 more words ] http://takeitpersonelly.com/2017/09/19/a-career-in-logistical-management-is-an-idea-worth-considering/
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Internet Business, Should You Buy Or Build?
Review of the OMAX 40X-2500X Digital LED Trinocular Microscope with 5MP USB Camera
Guest post: The 2017 Paid Time Off Benchmarks Report [Free Download]

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