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Leadership: Culture Blinds Great Opportunities | #Innovation https://t.co/aJdj0zSu8v via @KateNasser
Leadership: Culture Blinds Great Opportunities | #Innovation https://t.co/NQitEivIaL #peopleskills
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How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide (+30 Examples) https://t.co/faJJ1aX5kO #uptowork
RT @B2Bbizbuilder: #FF #DigitalTransformation Drivers @TrippBraden @KAIPartners @chief_ventures @CBechervaise @Prosci @KotterIntl @OrgDevAn…
RT @justcoachit: #EmployeeEngagement Thought Drivers @B2Bbizbuilder @HRCurator @HRTrendInst @hrbartender @KAIPartners @TimSackett @SHRM @hr…
Biased Rejection as an Intern? Ask Madeleine https://t.co/Z1u21VlM3R #leadership
Breaking Through Joy Barriers in Our Organizations https://t.co/sO48Ci11Vq #leadership
Breaking Through Joy Barriers in Our Organizations https://t.co/2OXBPvhzOj via @ThinDifference

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My daughter's new blog post on #writing Don’t think about what would make your character imperfect, think about what they could do to mess things up– to add conflict to your story. Conflict comes from the problems that characters get into, the challenges they must face, and the subversion of normality in their lives. #writerslife #nanowrimo #inspiration #books #characters #tips
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