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My new book "Leading with Happiness" is out soon. I'd like your feedback on the back cover text - click to read it.
Kom til gratis foredrag med mig og DKs gladeste arbejdsplads på onsdag:
I'm trying to decide on a cover design for my next book. Which of these do you like best?
RT @happyatwork: Would you like to receive our newsletter about happiness at work? Subscribe here: - we hear it's a…
I'll be speaking at a free event at Denmark's happiest workplace:
RT @humanforums: “Arbejdsglaede” comme disent les Danois
@ProfCaryCooper Also, this is TERRIBLE advice, basically telling kids to suck up and accept unfairness and mistreatment.
@ProfCaryCooper Fake:
Study: Happy people do better in three areas - work, relationships and health.
Woohoo - it's Friday. Have a happy weekend!
Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation together lead to poorer performance than intrinsic motivation alone:
Some leaders' calendars are booked solid with meetings for weeks. Reminder: You're a leader - not a meeter.
Practice gratitude for the good in your work life. Make a weekly list of 3-5 things that made you happy at work that week.
Some leaders think sleep is for wimps, but sleep deprivation makes you stressed, unhappy, dumber and unhealthy. #leadingwithhappiness
RT @vegaitsourcing: Our "Most inspiring act of kindness - August 2017" has four of our colleagues as nominees. Read more at:…

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Alexander's new book called "Leading with Happiness" is coming out soon. We'd like your feedback on the back cover text - click below to read it. Would you read this book?
We have created a poster with inspiring quotes about leadership – you can download the pdf for free right here. #leadingwithhappiness #woohooinc
Got any chronic complainers where you work? It seems like every workplace has them – the people for whom the weather is always too warm or too cold, the boss is a jerk, the food is lousy, work sucks and … you fill out the list. No matter how good things get they still only see the bad – and they go to huge lengths to point it out to everyone around them.
Fun behind the scenes - some of us have to jump :-)
Something to be seriously considered!
Did you choose your favorite Out of Office reply yet? You'll find the candidates here and cast your vote by using the poll:
It's time to cast your vote and choose your favorite Out of office-reply in our poll. Voting is open until August 28 :-)
Time and again, we see a bell-curve response to surveys on workplace happiness – 20% engaged and happy, 20% disengaged, 60% in the ‘so-so’ zone. Why don’t people pay a little more attention (and a whole lot more respect!) to their own happiness – and what happens when they do? In this hilarious talk from our 2017 International Conference on Happiness at Work Irish career expert Rowan Manahan will show you how to use happiness at work as a career advantage. Because the science is clear: Success is no guarantee of happiness but people who love their jobs are more productive, innovative and motivated and ultimately more successful in their careers and in life.
Do you have a really good, funny or creative auto reply for your e-mail when you’re off on Summer vacation? Or what is the best “Out of office” reply you have received this summer? Submit the best auto reply message for a chance to win glory and fun prizes at the 2017 Out of Office World Championship.
Alexander needs a great, inspiring, eye catching title for his next book on Leading with Happiness. Let us hear your best ideas :)

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