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I'm 9 days and 20,000 words into writing my next book on "Leading With Happiness." If I post a chapter or two online, will you read it?
How US bosses are like dictators: Makes me appreciate strong Danish worker protection laws even more.
Generelt er høj deltagelse i sociale events et sundhedstegn for arbejdsglæde.
"Managers who enjoy a positive relationship with employees suffer less dangerous stress at work."
Too true :) #LeadingWithHappiness
I have just started writing my fifth book, tentatively titled "Leading With Happiness." It's exciting AND scary :…
Are you the world champion of Out of Office Replies?
Our latest Happiness at Work Academy was a HUGE hit. Join us in Copenhagen (Oct 2017) or NYC (Feb 2018):
Off to Southampton for my last two speeches before the summer holidays :)
Der er ingen "stress-epidemi" i Danmark ifølge forskningen.
RT @charlieykim: It's unreasonable to expect that you'll develop amazing people when you don't give them room to change, grow and fail.
We just announced our next two Academies - learn everything we know about happiness at work in Copenhagen or NYC.
Wow - thanks a ton :)
What did you think of the book?
@ChaChedeville Right here:

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Help us find the best out of office replies in the world! Do you have a real good auto reply for your e-mail when you're off for Summer vacation? Or what is the best, funniest or most creative “Out of office” reply you have received this Summer? We often see a lot of boring ones, but it is actually possible to make a personal, happy and at the same time informative out of office reply. Let's find them - join us for the 2017 Out Of Office World Championship
Many people think happiness at work comes from raises, bonuses, perks or promotions. But the truth is that those don't work. In stead, there are two simple things we need to be happy at work. Find out what they are.
Our latest Happiness at Work Academy was a HUGE hit. 24 participants came to Copenhagen from 15 countries to learn all about happiness at work – including some from as far away as Australia, Hong Kong, Colombia, USA and Canada. We had three amazing days with high energy, great conversations and a ton of networking. The group consisted of both internal HR people and leaders looking to make their own workplaces happier as well as external consultants who focus on happiness at work. The next two Academies are: - October 17-20 2017 in Copenhagen Denmark - February 13-16 2018 in New York City USA
Workplaces still favor early risers and an industrial-age view of productivity, even though work has moved from cow to computer. Flexibility is among the keys to well-being, and management must have the courage to address the flexibility of their company’s work culture because culture determines whether employees have the courage to make use of flexibility. Watch Camilla Kring's talk from the International Conference on Happiness at Work 2017 in Copenhagen.
Many workplaces have a suggestion box hanging on a wall somewhere. You can stick in your idea, but then what? Who (if anyone) will read it? Will it ever be acted upon? If not, why not? If it is, who will take credit? It’s time to kill off the suggestions box and this is the coolest way we’ve seen to do this.
The Giraffe Award is an AWESOME idea for recognition and appreciation at work
If we (purely hypothetically) created a free online course in becoming happier at work, would you be interested? What would you like to see in such a course?
Happiness at work also is enjoying lunch with great colleagues! :-)
The Woohoo inc Academy is our most in-depth training where we cover all the theory and practice of happiness at work. The next one is June 20-23 in Copenhagen and it is nearly sold out. We limit the training to 25 people and we already have 22 participants from 15 countries. So if you want to learn all we know about happiness at work, click the link below to learn more about the Academy.

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