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The 10 Types of Crappy Interviewees < @Oatmeal gets it right. Don't do any of these in your next #interview.
Three Things You Must Say at Every Job Interview < Great tips by @jacobshare!
How to Job-Hunt Online Without Sharing Your Salary History < A previous salary does not denote the value you bring!
@corinnerapson Thank you so much for the RTs, Corrine! I hope you have a great weekend!
.@NyleDiMarco just won DWTS. So tell me, employers - why not give people with disabilities the chance to work for you? #seriousquestion
RT @ed_han My LinkedIn tip for the day: the importance of a smile in your profile picture cannot be overstated.
If you see someone struggling, are they just making excuses? > New post: A Key Factor for Success #FoodForThought
"...make decisions based on what is right, not what is popular." < Hard to do, but critical to build trust @ work.
Honored by this shout-out! Thanks, @jasonalba!
Probably a good time to change your #LinkedIn password... (H/T @JulieWalraven)
The alternative is letting others dictate the direction of your career. Which do you want? #careermgmt #decisions
@cardycareers Thank you, Alison! Glad you liked the quote!
@JulieWalraven Thanks for RTing this, Julie!
Great points by @JulieWalraven --> 4 Reasons You Absolutely Want LinkedIn Premium (via @hireimaging)
RT @ed_han: My #LinkedIn #tip4day: go beyond the like or share--we don't network by click, but by engagement.

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Last night, Nyle DiMarco -- who is deaf -- won this season of Dancing with the Stars. Clearly, people with disabilities have many skills and talents. So why, then, are so many employers not utilizing individuals from this pool to meet their talent shortages?
When you see people struggle, are they really making excuses for not achieving? Or is there something else at play?
The alternative is letting others dictate the direction of your career. Which do you want?
"...the color of collars has very little to do with a person’s salary, their likelihood of success, or any meaningful measure of job satisfaction." ~Mike Rowe Exactly! Wonderful interview done with Mike Rowe on five damaging myths about blue collar labor.
Busy, but fun, weekend working with a client on a project. His comments: "I just looked over the updated document and I just want you to know that I'm so happy with it... The way you're wording everything is perfect. Thank you for your expertise."
This is why interview prep is so important.
How has discomfort shaped your career?
Honored to be quoted in this article on Dice!
One of my current clients is a woman positioning herself for leadership roles in her field. She sent me this email over the weekend in response to the first draft of her resume and cover letter: "Melissa, First, beautiful!! Easy to read and follow. Although it is three pages, it flows, it is not tedious, and absolutely showcases the important responsibilities. That is an art!" I am so privileged to have the opportunity to tell my clients' career stories :)

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