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Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, is a productivity expert who provides training and keynotes on office productivity, personal productivity, time management

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Join Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE at LEADERSHIP USA™ COLORADO on Dec. 5 for his presentation of "Leaders Ought to Know: Earning the Right to be Heard." Register at Eligible for 4.5 HRCI PHR/SPHR recertification credits. $299 members, $499 non-members. Check to see if your organization is a member: Call 303-471-7401 or email with questions. Hope to see you there!
Great press received for LEADERSHIP USA COLORADO's November 14 event in Denver, CO, with Connie Dieken, CSP, CPAE! Register at
My daughter Meagan worked under Zach Mercurio, the author of The Invisible Leader, when she was an Orientation Leader at CSU in Ft. Collins. This is his first book, and I think he has some really solid ideas on our search for meaning in life and at work. If you manage employees and are trying to figure out how to best engage them to contribute discretionary effort, this will give you some clues. Or if you're just on your own personal search for purpose in your life and career choices, I recommend you read this book to discover and execute on your authentic purpose.
Looking forward to joining you in Amman in less than a week!

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