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Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, is a productivity expert who provides training and keynotes on office productivity, personal productivity, time management

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You don't really manage time. You manage how you use what we all get in equal amounts. #Productivity Pro Tip 2952
One of the best things you can do is arrange your business so it can survive without you. #Productivity Pro Tip 2951
People want to enjoy their work, and when the company meets them halfway, they're more likely to engage. #Productivity Pro Tip 2950
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Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to formally announce that I've founded a new leadership development membership organization called LEADERSHIP USA™! See I could use your help connecting with independent consultants in major markets (seeking Chicago, Dallas, SFO, LA, and Atlanta immediately) who would like to add a proven revenue stream to their current portfolio of offerings for leadership training that features 60 of the top leadership authors, speakers, and consultants. We are creating the only leadership development alliance of its kind in the country, currently operating in Denver, St. Louis (Kathy Cooperman), and Las Vegas (Ed Tate) with many more coming online! If you know someone who has a strong community network and a proven track record of business-to business-success in selling leadership training, please tell them about this nationwide alliance with the following benefits: 1. Protected geographic territory 2. Corporate marketing, registration, and invoicing support 3. Opportunity to sell your services to member companies 4. Training on how to grow your new business from leaders who have successfully done so As a Regional Director, you would be hosting a monthly seminar at a venue of your choice, selecting instructors to teach each monthly learning event from our list of faculty, selling memberships in this unique leadership developing offering to local organizations, and running council meetings with your high-level member representatives in HR/LD/OD/TM. One membership fee covers all employees in all locations across the U.S., so existing members may attend your events at member rates. Full training is provided. Due to the proprietary nature of our business model, we are asking all interested applicants to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before discussion, after which time you’ll receive a link to view a one-hour video outlining the offering. “Leadership USA is the best opportunity I have seen to grow a sustainable leadership training business. They have assembled the top leadership experts in the company to make up the faculty. And with their proven method of marketing and client development, Regional Directors will have the support they need to ensure success." Barry Banther, Partner, Banther Consulting (25-year consulting/training business) To find out more about becoming a Regional Director with LEADERSHIP USA, please have your colleagues email me at Thank you so much!
Ban Interruptions! Six Ways to Limit Drop-Ins
Instant Productivity: Five Ways to Be Immediately Productive in the Morning
This fast-paced, high energy, practical workshop is specifically designed to introduce and prepare interested leaders to not only “get what they want” from the decision making process, but to also “earn the right to be heard” from those who are ultimately charged with making those critical decisions. Participants will walk away from this workshop armed with practical, time-tested information, tools and techniques specifically intended to get what they want — AND to earn the right to be heard in the process.

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