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Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, is a productivity expert who provides training and keynotes on office productivity, personal productivity, time management

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Before you get excited about a great benefit, see if people use it. It may be for show. #Productivity Pro Tip 3010
Some causes are worthy, like agitating for better pay and working conditions. Most aren't. #Productivity Pro Tip 3009
Never ignore office politics. You need not play along, but remain on alert for attacks. #Productivity Pro Tip 3008
To save time, combine a drop-in with a break you've been putting off. #Productivity Pro Tip 3007
Keep your eyes open and duck the political crosshairs when they come your way. #Productivity Pro Tip 3006
RT @AITPK: The New Pragmatism: Seven Things You Must Understand About #Millennials - #CompanyCulture via @laurastac…
RT @kpmgjordan: “What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do” Seminar by @laurastack; Author of 7 best-selling books. #Jordan #JO #OCTBER https:…
RT @MySOdotCom: RT @laurastack: SuperCompetent people know that being busy and being productive can be two very different things.
Don't gripe aloud at work, even to people you consider friends. Someone may report you. #Productivity Pro Tip 3005
RT @Quotable: Ducking the Crosshairs: 5 Ways to Deal with Office Politics by @laurastack
An occasional marketing course or management class contributes to your business value. #Productivity Pro Tip 3004
RT @gshunter: @laurastack Well done Laura!
RT @TimxClarke: Ducking the Crosshairs: Five Ways to Deal with Office Politics @laurastack
The New Pragmatism: 7 Things You Must Understand About Millennials @laurastack h/t @quotable
Quit Blaming What You Sell as the Reason for a Sales Slump @thesaleshunter h/t @quotable

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