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Wendi Weiner, Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Attorney. 4X Certified Executive Resume Writer and Certified Career Transition Coach. Published expert.

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Looking to get out of #law? It can be done. Your JD is invaluable to the #business world. Here’s how I used my law…
Don't procrastinate that to-do list or #goals you have set for yourself! Wishing you a great Monday!…
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Life is about #perspective. We can choose to see the positive or we can choose to see the negative. I prefer to se…
RT @womensmarch: We're so proud to have @SenWarren, @repjohnlewis, Managing Principal of Energy Works Consulting Rose McKinney-James & phil…
@realDonaldTrump 3 years and you're out of office! @realDonaldTrump #womensmarch #shutdowntrump #WomenEmpowerment 🙌🏻
RT @RyanErsk: Give before you get. The cardinal rule of networking is to offer help before you expect anything in return. Digital networkin…
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RT @Inc: Stop Analyzing Millennials And Just Hire Them @jmbrandonbb
RT @Entrepreneur: "No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying." ht…
After several years of contributing to #HuffPost and writing dozens of articles (some of which have gone viral), I'…
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Judge: “Is your name pronounced Why-ner or Wee-ner?” Me: “Your Honor, it’s Why-ner only on Mondays.” The judge chuckled. I did too. Life is about perspective. We can choose to see the positive or we can choose to see the negative. I prefer to see the glass as half-full. It drives me to work harder, challenge myself, and persist at the obstacles. If you are going through a rough patch, I challenge you to write down the things that are positive in your life. Review that list daily. 📷: taken several years ago while visiting Venice Beach, CA
The smallest gestures from clients are often the biggest ones felt in my heart. Thank you to my client, a corporate executive, for this feedback last night after completing your branding package:
The unexpected disappointments can take us by surprise, but the good news is we can make room for better things to come our way. After several years of contributing to the HuffPost and writing dozens of articles (some of which have gone viral), I'm sad to just learn they are shutting down their contributor platform. I've built a massive writing portfolio over the years, and HuffPost was one such publication that allowed me to broaden my portfolio. Never let the doors close to the opportunities you can make for yourself. My profile: #ThursdayMotivation
Blown away by my latest published testimonial written by an IT executive. The full testimonial can be seen on my LinkedIn profile, but here is an excerpt from it:
We don’t owe explanations. We owe the happiness to ourselves. #MondayMotivation
Facebook is changing its settings, and in order to keep seeing my content, you will need to adjust your settings on my page. Thank you for your support!
Branding yourself as an entrepreneur or a job seeker isn't always easy. My interview with Chelsea Krost is now available on YouTube. We both discuss how our brands have evolved over time, and how LinkedIn and other digital channels have helped increase our presence. Plus, there are lots of tips for maximizing your own brand in the digital age. Give it a watch and tell us what you think!
In 2016, I was named the #1 Resume Expert by Recruiter Magazine. I attribute it to the legal training and practical experiences of being an attorney for more than a decade. It enables me to look at a resume and client's branding from multiple angles to best market them. Link to article:
Thank you to FoodGrads for the feature on your blog and sharing my advice about resumes and LinkedIn profiles.
Proud to serve as the 2018 President-Elect for The National Resume Writers' Association. My bio can be seen at the link below. Learn more about the organization's 2018 leadership via:

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