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Wendi Weiner, Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Attorney. 4X Certified Executive Resume Writer and Certified Career Transition Coach. Published expert.

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Interested in hiring me to take your #content or thought leadership to the next level? Click here to learn more:
Tonight begins #RoshHashanah, the Jewish New Year. To those who also celebrate the holiday, I wish you only sweet t…
RT @MrsKatSulli: A negative mind will never give you a positive life. 🙌💯😀
6 red flags to look for when someone is lying on their resume @FastCompany @gwenmoran #careeradvice
RT @hgeronemus: 5 Steps to Getting Your Company Ready for a Natural Disaster via @Entrepreneur @heatherhuhman ft @UltimMaza…
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@nathancordle @theflabar Congrats!!! Welcome to the club!
Congrats to all of the new #lawyers in Florida who passed the #barexam today! @theflabar @FlaBarYLD 🙌🏻🎉😁
I’ve put out a lot of new #content in @HuffPost & @Inc & had recent features in @Moneyish @Glassdoor & @FastCompany
If you haven’t earned a bachelor’s degree or an #MBA, don’t list it as such on your resume. @Moneyish @PesceNic
RT @SarahEliMattern: Good luck to everyone in FL getting bar results today!!
The Candid Truth: Why Hiring A Professional Resume Writer Is Worth Its Weight In Gold @HuffPostContrib #resumetips
2 more wks until I speak at @TheNRWA annual conference & get inducted as the 2018 President-Elect & Ethics Chair.…
RT @Inc: 9 words the smartest bosses avoid at all costs

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As a paid content writer for companies and top publications, I have personal knowledge and expertise on how to put your best foot forward with thought-provoking content. Interested in hiring me to take your website or thought leadership to the next level? Click on this link to learn more:
Tonight begins Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. In observance of the holiday, I will be closed from today at 4PM through Friday. I will respond to emails this weekend. To those who celebrate the holiday, I wish you only sweet things in the new year!
I am asked about resume templates at least a dozen times a week. In this Glassdoor article, I give my top top: stick to a sophisticated yet professional template that enables your headlines to stand out — a reader’s eyes naturally gaze at the center of the page, so make sure your headlines are centered in the middle of the page for easy reading.
Life is always sweeter when you work alongside wonderful colleagues like Durée & Company. This delicious treat from Sweet Guilt by Angelica just arrived. We are toasting to "Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month. 🍫🍭🍾🥂
2 weeks from today, I will be heading to Chicago to speak at The National Resume Writers' Association's annual conference. I will also be inducted as the 2018 President-Elect and Ethics Chair. This year marks the organization's 20th anniversary, and I am thrilled for a week of learning, growing, and collaborating with hundreds of colleagues.
Honesty is always the best policy. Honored to be featured in Moneyish about why it is "unforgivable'" to lie about your certification or degree in your resume.
Stuck in a rut and unemployed? Consider consulting with a certified resume writer or career coach. They will see grey areas of your career and help [you recognize] your best talents and skill sets as well as how to communicate and convey them properly. - via Glassdoor
It can be tough to spot falsehoods right off the bat, but if you know what to look for, you can spot clues in inconsistencies or questionable assertions, says attorney and career branding expert Wendi M. Weiner, a board member of the National Resume Writers’ Association. - via Fast Company
The last week has been a whirlwind. I am grateful that today I woke up and can pick up and move forward from Hurricane Irma. You gain a real appreciation for a hot cup of coffee, A/C, phone, and all of the modern luxuries in life that we are dependent on, yet so easily take for granted. I have friends who lost homes or suffered serious damage to their homes, and some who still don't have power (my parents fall into that group). Thank you for your support! Let's focus on being positive and grateful. 🙏🏻
My power has FINALLY returned from Hurricane Irma, which means I am back to work as of tomorrow, September 14th!! Thank you for your patience, concern, and understanding! I genuinely appreciate it. I am really excited to get back to assisting current clients, and onboarding new clients! I've had some new features in publications over the past week, and I will share them soon!!

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