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Let Gayle Howard, an award-winning Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, G3 Coach, Executive CV writer, and Certified Personal Branding Strategist, jump start your job search with expertly written resumes and coaching

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#Jobseekers A cover letter allows you to connect with the person reading CVs. It should be tailored and answer Why hire me?
#Jobseekers Some hiring managers say they don't read cover letters. Still include one for the hiring managers that do.
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@GIkner oh, well, Welcome back :)
a CV for sales, won't do for a procurement job, baker or executive. CV should focus on one target role.
#Jobseekers Never use your current employer;s contact information on your resume (including your work email)
#Jobseekers Make sure you keep a record of the resumes sent. Make a note of when to follow-up
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#Jobseekers Even if you have the correct information on your resume, if the format doesn't get attention, you may not get an interview
#Jobseekers Your resume is a marketing document, not a career obituary of every job, every task done in your life.
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#Jobseekers Make your resume more powerful by using action verbs in your accomplishment statements.
#Jobseekers if a candidate has unexplained holes in a resume, chances are that candidate isn't going to get picked
#Jobseekers It can be tempting to try and stuff in every bit of info about you into your resume. Don't!
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My talented colleague, Beth Colley has written an excellent article on the folly of using cut-price resume services. Like anything, you get what you pay for, but this article raises some interesting things you may not know! See More
Google for Jobs has just launched. Game changer? See More
Another happy client! This one made my day! (I've deleted info to maintain his privacy, but you'll get the drift!) Hi Gayle, I wanted to share with you what happened to me in the last few months. My last day with [company name deleted] will be 23 June, I'm moving to Hangzhou, China to join [large company]! I was selected from over 6000 applicants to join a management trainee/leadership development program. I'll be joining 19 other individuals in China in early July and am super excited! I was flown to Hangzhou in early March for a 5-day interview. I introduced myself to one of the [company name] founders and he replied "Ryan ..... I remember your resume, that was really creative and different". Ryan
Unemployment fell to 5.5 per cent in May. See More
Breaking news: Telstra axing 1400 Australian jobs. See More
My morning has just been made with a lovely email from a client. Hi Gayle, I just wanted to send you a note about recent changes in my career. Yesterday I signed an offer for Technical Design Director with [Name Deleted for privacy] based in [place name]. Exactly what I wanted! The whole recruitment process took over 3 months during which I had 9 rounds of interviews. In every single meeting, it was pointed out how professional and well done my resume was. How complete and impressive. I am positive that my candidature received a major advantage because of it. I wanted to thank you again for helping me, the best investment of my career. I'm very pleased. My friends are also inspired by how well put together my resume was, and I know at least one contacted you ( Name deleted). For sure, others will follow. Thank you, Laura.
Another happy client absolutely makes my morning this morning! 😀 Dear Gayle, Thank you so much! You have done excellent work on my resume. My brother made use of your services more than 10 years ago (when he emigrated to Australia) and he told me that this expense should be seen as an investment. I can understand why. This is a hundred times better than anything I could have written. I'm almost ashamed to think I've even sent my previous resume through to recruiters. I really like the second version you provided, it provides a great way for me to showcase the earlier consulting work that I did, which will come in handy when I submit applications to environmental consulting firms."
Looks like more changes on LinkedIn! Could you improve your photo?
It's Friday! Update your CV this weekend1
Hmmm. What do you think about this? "San Francisco-based Mya Systems has developed an AI recruiter that can evaluate resumes, schedule and conduct applicant screenings, and even congratulate you on your first day of work. Short for "my assistant," Mya chats with applicants via computer or smartphone to ask many of the typical questions expected in early job interviews: What's your availability to start work? How does $15 per hour sound? How many years of experience do you have?" See More

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