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Book Review: Your First Job by Mark Blayney: Book: Your First Job: How to make… #Jobseekers
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The latest The Gayle Howard Daily! #linkedin
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#Jobseekers Ask yourself: What does the person in this role need to actually do and accomplish in order to be considered successful #resume
The latest The Gayle Howard Daily! Thanks to @AudreyPrenzel @CarolynCoach @LisaRangel #executive #jobsearch
#Jobseekers Can you quantify your accomplishments through any of these? Only, First/Last, Best/Worst, Most/Least, Largest/Smallest
#Jobseekers The most important part of the accomplishment is outlining your results. You also need to provide context for the accomplishment
The latest The Gayle Howard Daily! Thanks to @AnnemarieCoach #executive
#Jobseekers To come up with accomplishments: take a look at your past performance reviews
#Jobseekers Include action verbs in your accomplishment statements. Try leading with one: accelerated, accessed, activated etc.,

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Today's news: The average number of workers being employed every six months has had its strongest run in seven years, new figures show, as the unemployment rate drops to 5.6 per cent on the back of ten straight months of gains in full-time employment. "Full-time employment has now increased by around 220,000 persons since September 2016, and makes up the majority of the 250,000 person increase in employment over the period," said Australian Bureau of Statistics chief economist, Bruce Hockman. The participation rate, which refers to the number of people either employed or actively looking for work, was up by 0.1 percentage points at 65.1 per cent.
Unusual job! Emoji Translator.
Sharing a job advert at the Wheeler Centre for a Digital Coordinator.
Interesting article: ""Under the federal Sex Discrimination Act, it is unlawful to discriminate against an employee on the basis of their sex, pregnancy, potential pregnancy, family responsibilities and breastfeeding. This includes, for example, refusing to employ a woman because she is – or may become – pregnant, unless there are genuine health and safety concerns." "Section 27 of the Sex Discrimination Act specifically states that it is unlawful to ask a woman during a job interview whether she is pregnant or intends to become pregnant if that information is requested in connection with determining whether to offer her employment."
Brush up your applications, Amazon is moving in! On Thursday, Amazon confirmed it was opening its first Australian fulfilment centre - a 24,000 square metre facility in Dandenong South, Victoria - to support its retail push into the country. The move would create "hundreds of new jobs", it said, adding to the almost 1000 employees already in Australia as of April. Amazon will begin recruiting immediately for a range of roles, including operations managers, pickers, packers, systems technicians, and HR specialists. Fulfilment centre jobs are hard work - they're physically taxing, but they pay well. "We are thrilled to be creating hundreds of new roles in Dandenong South," Amazon's director of operations for Australia, Robert Bruce, said.
Love getting happy client emails! Here's another one that just arrived! "The cover letter and resume absolutely rock. They're fantastic. If you're after a good news story—I sent these to an open position last week. After 8 months of applying for positions and seeing one interview, I was getting pretty discouraged. The cover letter and resume you've done landed an interview on the very first submission. Nice! Thanks, Tim
According to this article, Amazon are advertising jobs at SEEK for warehouse staff believed to be at a warehouse and logistics centre in Dandenong (Victoria). Are you looking for a job? There may be opportunities. Check out the article and then head off to
Today's employment news: Australia has achieved its ninth straight month of job gains, with 14,000 new jobs added to the economy in June. Full-time jobs have now increased by 115,400 positions in the past two months - the strongest streak of full-time job gains in 29 years. The unemployment rate has held steady at 5.6 per cent, which remains near its lowest level in four years. NSW and Victoria did the heavy lifting in trend terms, adding 11,600 jobs and 7300 jobs respectively.
Living in Queensland? See yourself as a train driver? Looks like there are quite a few on offer! See below.
Another happy client has launched her job search. Look out competitors, there's a fabulous talent in business transformation about to land! She said: "Fabulous work Gayle!! Many thanks for your help and redoing my LinkedIn profile and CV. They just shine! This exercise was much needed and has helped me 'see' myself in a new way, all enabling me to confidently pursue my new career direction."

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