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This site is for you if you want to be happier and more successful at work. You'll find information here about deciding which type of work is the best for you, how to create and implement proven strategies to succeed, and how to use social science research on happiness to improve your life.

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Book Review: 'The Start-Up of You'
@jhr4u Have you been hacked?
Yes, @scradant.
RT @fivefifths: Gaga played the Super Bowl now she's carrying Metallica.
RT @Alifaith55: Women in history they TRIED to silence. #ShePersisted #shewaswarned #LetLizTalk #LetHerSpeak #CorettaScottKing via @caro…
RT @TheDemocrats: This is the letter McConnell wouldn't let @elizabethforma read out loud tonight—and he doesn't want you to read it either…
RT @peterdaou: The President of the United States smirked and said he would "destroy the career" of a state senator. Everyone laughed. Is t…
RT @ScanlonPJ: To change and to change for the better are two different things. - German Proverb # leadership #changemanagement
Kudos, @Audi
Five Fiction Books That Changed Lives
RT @tferriss: The Unusual Books That Shaped 50+ Billionaires, Mega-Bestselling Authors, and Other Prodigies
RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: When well intended patriots disagree, that's democracy. When POTUS says it's not fact until he approves it, that's tyr…
I've been working so I am late to this party but I LOVE coffee so I will #DrinkStarbucksToFightBigotry
Thank you, @lyft #TeamLyft

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