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This site is for you if you want to be happier and more successful at work. You'll find information here about deciding which type of work is the best for you, how to create and implement proven strategies to succeed, and how to use social science research on happiness to improve your life.

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My top work values are Autonomy and Community Service - how about you?
@sarahchad_ Please don't apologize.
My clients can't concentrate on their jobs while they worry that their children will be murdered at school. #GunReformNow
I don't want to debate how many school shootings there have been. I want Americans to fix this. At a minimum, we ca…
@samberjack @tonyposnanski I watched a video from inside the school. Horrifying.
10 of the Best Companies for Working From Home #companieshiring #jobs #newjob #remotework #workfromhome
HR has lost the trust of employees. Here is who has it now via @techcrunch
RT @StephenKing: The idea of a parade of armament in Washington DC calls up images of Berlin in 1938. Back then it was Hitler looking on wi…
RT @UTAustin: For the first time in the university's history, #UTAustin is opening a food pantry. Learn more:
@llmunro Yes, you do!
@AvidCareerist Thank you!
Career Tip: Join a Professional Association
A marketing expert names top 5 Super Bowl ads of all time @jeff_haden via @Inc
Well-done, @Pink!

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