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This site is for you if you want to be happier and more successful at work. You'll find information here about deciding which type of work is the best for you, how to create and implement proven strategies to succeed, and how to use social science research on happiness to improve your life.

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American Medical Association opposes Obamacare repeal, citing coverage losses by millions
RT @faccccct: Psychology Says - You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around.
RT @jilevin: Sleepy teenage brains need school to start later in the morning
RT @peterdaou: Watching @HillaryClinton on @maddow is a quintessential example of the gaping chasm between who she is and how she's portray…
RT @WSJ: Studying is more effective when it’s done in 45-minute segments instead of longer ones
@gregkorgeski @SamyStClair We can agree to disagree. Hope there is a future candidate around which we can both rally.
Best news I've heard all day.
RT @AGSchneiderman: I just published “How To Protect Yourself From The Equifax Hack”
@gregkorgeski @SamyStClair Elizabeth Warren is subjected to rampant misogyny, too
RT @juliagalef: Sometimes I get asked why I bother arguing w/people online, since I'm never going to get them to change their minds. Here a…
RT @business: What is storm surge?
RT @SamyStClair: Allow me to demonstrate what sexist double-standards in the media look like.
RT @EpiscopalMarket: The latest The EpiscopalMarketplace Daily! Thanks to @dailyoffice @NYSAFAH @episcopalcafe #fte…
RT @NASA: .@Space_Station cameras provide another captivating view of the devastatingly powerful & unyielding #HurricaneIrma…
RT @Nicole_Cliffe: This morning, r/legaladvice is full of underpaid FL employees wondering if they have any right to evacuate without getti…

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