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RT @SHRMnextchat: #Nextchat RECAP: Skills Gaps and Employee Development @LorneEpstein @alevit…
Oldies but goodies.
RT @SHRMKaylor: BIG THANK YOU to @alevit & @LorneEpstein for an excellent #Nextchat on skills gaps and employee development. RECAP on the w…
A7: Working alongside machines is a great skill that everyone will need in the next 5-10 years. It CAN be trained but isn't. #Nextchat
A7: Have a futurist educate you on the disruptions coming down in your industry. If you really listen, you'll be far ahead. #nextchat
RT @ErinMcPeterson: Recently learned about Meritage Homes in CO with Construction Mgmt trainees shadowing CMs in field. Shadow well = job…
RT @ChronusSoftware: A6. Formal mentoring programs can take the pressure off more reserved employees to have to search out a mentor + make…
A6: The best mentors are often 2-5 years ahead of mentees on similar career paths. They've been there and remember. #nextchat
A6: Format mentorship programs can be beneficial if expectations are laid out and managers receive guidance on conversations. #Nextchat
This is terrific, low hanging fruit. #nextchat
RT @MikeTownsend28: A5: Apprenticeship programs are on the rise. Companies can get great talent early on, train them, send to school, & do…
RT @_strclaire: Loving #nextchat today! Super passionate about this topic and love soaking up great ideas and info from other #HR pros! #HR…
A5: I'm seeing educators and employers partner on onsite and online learning opportunities that model how tech is used in business. #nexchat
@markSWHRF: Many employees want freedom and also hand-holding. Aye, that's the rub. #nextchat
RT @TessaBrownHR: a4. In our training company we often find that students are sent to training without any knowledge of the class or purpos…

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