How To Become A Database Administrator

How To Become A Database Administrator

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Think about the last website you signed up to use. Was it Facebook? Maybe it was Twitter or Tumblr. Your information was stored within a database. Databases are used by the private and government sectors as a means to store information. If there was every any doubt that computers would become a huge part of our every aspect of our lives, that doubt quickly ceased to exist. The use of computers has grown exponentially and will continue to grow. As a result, businesses will need skilled database administrators to continue to design and implement working systems that organize data.

Why Become A Database Administrator

Database administrators have a unique job. They do more than organize large amounts of data such as customer information or public records. They also must work to maintain the information in a secure manner.

If you enjoy sorting large amounts of information and working with computers, then database administration could be an excellent career choice for you. System Database Administrators (System DBAs) also handle the physical parts of the database in addition to designing and decoding databases. Application DBAs generally specialize in software and they work to efficiently and effectively manage the database functions of software. They may even design custom database solutions.

Database Administrator Work Environment

Database Administrators (DBAs) work in an indoor environment. Not all DBAs are relegated to merely desk duty. They will also work in a large room that is full of equipment such as servers. The maintenance and care of the servers that hold the information is critical. They hold information such as credit card and shipping information. Hospital servers will hold patient medical records. It is very important that a DBA keeps the servers in good working order and also implement protection methods to guard against unauthorized access.

DBAs are employed in every sector. Many companies hire DBAs in order to create and institute a custom database to manage and retrieve their information within certain parameters. Some DBAs are employed by computer systems design services or computer software companies that make popular database related computer software products.

Database Administrator Salary

DBAs pulled a median annual wage of around $77,000.00. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook a significant portion of DBAs earned only around $42,000.00. Contributing factors to salary include cost of living, experience in the field, and education. The top paying industry in 2012 for this field was finance and insurance. The lowest wage earning generally occurred for those who worked for educational institutions.

Database Administrator Career Outlook

The field of database administration is expected to grow faster than average over the next decade when compared to other occupations. This is because companies will need a way to handle the vast amount of computerized information. One particular area to watch for growth is in the healthcare sector. As we continue to grow into the age of digitized patient information, the need for DBAs will increase to organize and retrieve the data. Employment of DBAs in the healthcare field will grow by almost 50%.

Database Administrator Degree

Most DBAs hold a Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field such as computer science or management information systems (MIS). It is important when pursuing your education in this highly sought after region that you take classes that will teach you database languages such as SQL. Voluntary certification can also increase your chances in a competitive field.

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