How To Become A Network Technician

How To Become A Network Technician

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Network technicians are sometimes referred to as computer network technicians. They manage, troubleshoot, plan, and administer computer and network systems. If you like problem solving and working with computers, this could be a great career choice for you.

Why Become A Network Technician

Becoming a network technician is a great career choice for those who have excellent problem solving skills. You will also need the ability to communicate well in writing. Since network technicians work with different types of people, it is important that you refine your interpersonal communication skills. Many network technicians design and administer computer network systems. So, if you enjoy both planning and implementing then you will enjoy this career.

Network Technician Work Environment

Network technicians work in the IT department of businesses small and large. Most work full time, but some even work overtime when new systems are being put into place. They work primarily indoors although they may travel or lift heavy equipment such as server racks. This is not a job the confines you to a desk. You will spend a lot of time pushing, pulling, and lifting equipment. You will also run cable.

Network technicians have the opportunity to work in any business industry. They can even work with a company that dispatches IT help to businesses in their area. Some network technicians are self-employed.

Network Technician Salary

The median wage for network technicians is $60,000.00. The salary range is actually rather wide. It is between $25,000.00 and $75,000.00 per year. The type of business that you work for will make a difference. Larger corporations tend to pay more than small businesses. Other considerations include education, experience, and voluntary certifications. The medical field tends to pay network technicians quite well. After all, they are vital to the proper functioning of the computers and servers involved in accessing patient records.

Network Technician Career Outlook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is put together by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They believe that this career will grow by around 12% during the next ten years. That is a little faster than average. The reason for the growth is because businesses will continue to invest in newer and faster technology. Many companies want to switch or will switch to cloud computing. That switch is best eased by a professional network technician. The health care industry will see a surge in their need for network technicians as well. The best jobs will generally be given to those with a Bachelor’s degree and who have voluntary certifications and understand the latest in cloud computing.

Network Technician Degree

Some vocational and technical colleges offer a two year program in networking. It usually results in a diploma or an Associate’s degree. Most four year colleges don’t offer a degree with the words “network technician” on it. There are computer fields that teach you those particular skills. You would do well to compare educational plans between colleges to make sure that you get the education you need. Majors may include computer science, computer engineering, communications science, or even computer programming.

Additionally, you need to work on voluntary certifications. The most sought after certifications are Linux and Microsoft Certified Professional. If possible, look for an internship to earn experience while you are getting your education. Internships often result in jobs or valuable professional contacts.

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