How Long Does Animal Grooming School Take?

Animal groomers are tasked with making people’s pets look good. It’s a career that’s set to have good employment prospects in the next few years. This is why it’s one of the excellent occupations that those who are fond of animals, especially dogs and cats, should seriously consider.

Strictly speaking, there are no educational requirements for anyone wishing to become an animal groomer. Many pet care facilities and veterinary clinics simply require a high school diploma and get their new groomers to be trained on the job by seasoned groomers. That being said, those who do get formal training in an animal grooming school have an advantage when it comes to getting hired because employers know that they don’t have to spend time training them.

Formal dog grooming programs are offered in state-approved schools. These programs last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months and provide a certificate to the student upon completion. Certification courses last about twelve weeks. There are also more in-depth dog grooming programs that allow students to earn a diploma after completion. These programs typically take twenty four weeks to finish. Most grooming programs require students to finish 400 to 650 hours of hands-on training where they will learn how to bathe, brush and style dogs and cats. There are also fast-track programs that require 200 to 300 hours of hands-on grooming.

A number of pet grooming schools also enable students to learn how to groom dogs and cats through a home study program. Schools that train aspiring pet groomers give students the chance to study at their own pace. After they have completed the theoretical part of the curriculum, they will be given the chance to work in an actual pet grooming setting so they can apply what they have learned from the books. In these arrangements, the student may be able to finish the entire course in as little as two months or as long as a year.

There are also online pet grooming programs that provide students the opportunity to learn the basics of animal grooming entirely on their own. The students will also have to find pets to groom to comply with the hands-on requirement. Since the instructor is not going to be with the students to witness how they groom the animals, they will usually require proof, such as before and after pictures or videos and explanations of the grooming process that they followed to prove that they were able to groom the dog correctly. In online pet grooming schools, it is also up to the student to finish the entire course. Those who are quick can finish it in two to three months.

Some pet establishments also have apprenticeship programs wherein they accept apprentices to be trained under a groomer. This type of grooming can last for a little over three months. One advantage is that from the start, the student already learns in an actual pet grooming environment. An apprenticeship program will also require the student to read books and watch videos about the subject at home. Depending on the needs of the establishment, a graduate of the program may or may not get hired by the same pet store where he served as an apprentice.

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