How Long Does Cosmetic Laser Technician School Take?

The beauty industry is fast-evolving and has become quite sophisticated. The use of laser in beauty procedures has become quite commonplace and many medical spas and laser centers hire cosmetic laser technicians. Lasers are now being used to remove unwanted hair, erase tattoos and even reduce body fat. With this technology, cosmetic laser technicians are called upon to reduce wrinkles, remove acne and even rejuvenate tired skin.

Because laser isn’t a simple piece of beauty tool, not all beauticians are allowed to use it. They have to undergo training in a cosmetic laser technician school in order to learn how to perform various procedures safely and efficiently on their clients. Laser training programs leading to a certificate and an associate’s degree are offered by trade and vocational schools.

They generally require those who want to undergo training to have a high school diploma. Cosmetic laser technician schools generally last for one to two years. During training, students are taught basic information on laser technology, photonics and fiber optics. They then delve into laser safety, laser equipment, laser techniques, care for patients before treatment and care for patients after treatment, laser skin tightening, laser spider veins and other related topics.

Some schools offer short courses on laser training. The National Laser Institute, for example, has a two-week comprehensive laser course that prepares students to work in medical spas and other medical aesthetician settings. Some of the procedures that are covered in this course include hair removal clinical training, intense pulsed light photofacial training, acne reduction and tattoo removal training, spider veins, ultrasound fat reduction and laser facial peel, among others. Cosmetic laser technician schools combine classroom instruction with hands-on laboratory training in order for students to get the feel of the actual equipment used in each procedure.

After getting training from an accredited school, cosmetic laser technicians may opt to get certified. This is not mandatory but it does help improve one’s chances of getting a job or advancing to a position with better pay. Many medical spas prefer to hire certified cosmetic laser technicians since the certification proves their professionalism in performing various tasks. The National Council on Laser Excellence provides certification after the beauty professional has gotten the required training from an accredited laser technician program, obtained the necessary clinical experience and passed an exam.

It’s important for aspiring cosmetic laser technicians to know the laws of the state where they intend to practice the profession in before enrolling in a program. This is because in some states, there are specific licensing and registration requirements for laser technicians. For example, the state of California only allows nurses to handle laser equipment.

If you are living in California and are thinking of becoming a laser technician, you might have to consider finishing a nursing program first. Other states like Florida, Ohio and New Jersey also have other requirements for those who want to obtain certification as a laser technician. Other states, like that of Arizona, don’t have this requirement, which means that anyone who has received laser training can use it. The rules in other states may vary so make sure that you know the answers to these questions before signing up for any program offered at a cosmetic laser technician school.

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    I’ve been involved in cosmetology for several years at the start of my career, but the last 13 years, I have taught at a private preschool. I’m ready to get back into the beauty business but just skin care. I’m really interested in becoming a cosmetic laser technician.

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