How Long Does Database Administration School Take?

Database administrators or DBAs are professionals who are responsible for the storage and organization of data and information of a company. Using specialized computer software, DBAs see to it that the company’s financial records and information are managed well. They are responsible for creating the database infrastructure to ensure that it works efficiently and that data are fully backed up in case of data loss.

To be able to perform the tasks associated with this role aspiring DBAs must have the necessary educational training and requisite experience. Database administrators typically have a bachelor’s degree in database administration, management information systems, computer and information systems security and other computer-related fields.

These are typically four-year programs that will provide DBAs with the vital knowledge and skills they need to be able to manage databases efficiently. One important concept that they will learn in these programs is that of the different database languages, such as Structured Query Language (SQL) which they will use regularly when they get to work.

Larger companies that have more extensive databases may require postgraduate degrees in information systems, computer science and information technology. There are master’s degrees for these programs which typically take about a couple of years to complete. In some schools, these advanced postgraduate degrees are offered online. The good thing about these distance learning programs is that professionals who are already working will not have to stop work just to be able to get their degree.

DBAs can also opt to get certified in particular database management software by undertaking studies in a certificate program about a specific database platform while they are working towards their degree. A certification will demonstrate competence and professionalism in a particular product. To get certification, the student will have to pass an exam and fulfill other requirements.

For undergraduate students, some of the certification programs available are for Oracle, Microsoft and IBM database platforms. Oracle provides the Oracle Certified Professional certification while IBM allows students to become certified as an IBM Certified Database Administrator. Microsoft provides the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certification.

There are also database administrator certification programs for those who have already obtained their bachelor’s degree. Some of the course topics that will be covered in these programs include algorithms, distributed data management and online information systems. Graduate database administration certificates can be finished in about two years.

Prior related experience is very important in this career. In fact, many database administrators don’t begin their careers in this capacity right away. They are usually first be employed as database developers or market research analysts. With education, experience and good performance, they may get promoted as database administrators. Those who were able to get an entry-level data job with an associate’s degree may have to pursue their education before they can be promoted as database administrators.

Anyone who wishes to pursue this career path should not only have a fascination for computers but possess logical and analytical thinking skills as well. Since they need to find solutions for issues that the company database may face, they also need to have a knack for problem solving. They also need to have a penchant for paying very keen attention to detail since minor errors can turn to complicated problems in database management.

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