How Long Does Environmental Science School Take?

Environmental scientists are professionals who use their knowledge and skills to identify environmental problems and come up with solutions to them. By gathering environmental data and analyzing surveys and samples, environmental scientists are able to analyze threats such as air and water pollution and then come up with plans to avert or mitigate the damage that will result. In a nutshell, they are Mother Nature’s protectors who use their modern-day scientific knowledge to ensure that future generations will still have a world to live in.

If this is the kind of work that you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, you need to go to environmental science school. For entry-level jobs, a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and related fields is often the main requirement. These degrees typically take four years to complete. In these programs, students are taught about ecology, biology, public policy, waste management, environmental problems and solutions, among others.

Master’s degrees are usually needed to advance in one’s position as an environmental scientist. These programs take about a couple of years to finish. There are a few environmental scientists who proceed to take up their doctoral degrees. They are the ones who have plans of teaching the subject at universities and colleges. On the average, doctoral degrees take around five to six years to finish.

The good thing about environmental science degrees is that they are now offered online. At Ashford University, for example, their online bachelor of arts in environmental studies degree is a 120-credit course. It is arranged in such a manner that one course is taken for about five weeks each, with the end result that a bachelor’s degree can also be completed in four years. Oregon State University is another institution that offers the bachelor of science in environmental sciences program. This course is a 180-credit program that features such topics as natural resources and community values, man’s impact on climate, environmental law, environmental geology, climatology and fish and wildlife conservation, among others. Another school that offers the bachelor of science in environmental science degree online is the University of Phoenix. The program requires 120 credits for graduation.

There are many advantages to getting an environmental science degree online. First, it enables you to keep a job even while you are working towards getting your degree. This kind of flexibility is a good thing in and of itself because it allows you to finance your college education. As a result, you won’t have to rely heavily on student loans just to be able to go to environmental science school. Another benefit towards getting your degree online is that it allows you to take up the course anywhere you are in the world. For example, staying with your folks for the duration of the degree will enable you to save a lot on room and board which are major expenses for any college student. For married students who are struggling to balance studies with work and time for the family, online environmental science school provides the answer.

However, take note that not everyone has what it takes to succeed under an online environmental science program. If you want to take up your environmental science degree online, you need to be very disciplined. You may have flexibility in terms of when to view the lectures but you will still need to submit your homework and other projects on time. You also need to be highly-organized, especially if you are working and studying at the same time. You need to be able to divide your time very well so that your academics or work performance won’t suffer because you didn’t know how to balance your time.

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