How Long Does Floral Design School Take?

If you find enjoyment in being surrounded by flowers and greenery all the time, a career as a florist would be one you’ll be content with doing for the rest of your life. Of course, this profession requires artistry and skill on your part. Different occasions require different designs so you need to know which floral arrangements are appropriate for weddings, debuts or conventions. While the creativity needed for making floral designs is inherent, the various techniques and skills needed to make these arrangements need to be studied.

Simple to complex floral arrangements, the correct way of handling cut flowers and tying bows and ribbons for various designs are just some of the topics that can be learned in floral design schools. Programs also include which flowers are appropriate for room arrangements and which ones are best suited for designs that can be worn or brought by a person, such as corsages or bouquets. Identifying plants and flower varieties as well as learning where or how to buy wholesale flowers are also topics that are covered in floral design programs.

Floral design schools offer many different types of programs of varying lengths that suit the needs of students and aspiring florists. Some programs last for a few weeks, others for a few months while others last for years. Floral design or diploma programs in floral design typically take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete while associate degree programs take about a couple of years to finish.

Let’s take a look at some of the programs offered in various schools. The Floral Design Institute has 120-hour Basic Floral Design Program that awards students a certificate after completion. The program can be completed in as fast as 15 days and will prepare graduates for entry level jobs or even allow them to open their own business. Hennepin Technical College, on the other hand, offers the Professional Floral Designer diploma which is a 33-credit course. The diploma can be earned after two semesters. New York School of Flower Design offers various programs that last for different lengths. Those who are in a hurry to learn can enroll in their 1-Week Intensive Course while those who want a more comprehensive educational preparation can sign up for their Design Star program. The latter takes four weeks to complete. They also offer the Masters Course for those who would like to learn about making floral arrangements for large scale events like weddings. This will take another four weeks to finish.

If you want to work while attending floral design school at the same time, you might want to check out online floral design schools. Penn Foster Career School is one that offers the Floral Design Career Diploma Program online which takes at a couple of months to finish. The advantage of distance learning is that it gives you the opportunity to work fulltime—and get valuable exposure in a flower shop—while you’re still working towards getting your certificate.

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