How Long Does Foreign Affairs Analyst School Take?

Foreign affairs analysts are experts at looking at the developments in the international arena and determining how global events will affect the foreign policy, diplomacy and trade and peace and security of the United States. A fast-paced and highly-demanding career, foreign affairs analysts work in both the public and private sectors. If they are not working for agencies of the government, they are typically hired by political and media organizations, universities and foundations.

Formulating analyses about global events that could have a lasting impact on government policy and the lives of people both in the United States and even in other parts of the world is no easy task. It requires a keen understanding of the dynamics that govern the relationships between nations, critical thinking skills and a comprehensive knowledge about the political, historical and economic issues happening in their geographical field of expertise. This kind of preparation can be obtained by going to foreign affairs analyst school.

Foreign affairs analyst school actually refers to studies in international relations, diplomacy, political science and similarly related fields. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in these fields usually takes four years to finish. At the American Public University System, the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations is a 121-credit course that is designed to be completed in four years. The School of International Affairs in Georgia Tech also offers the Bachelor of Science in International Affairs which is a 122-credit program.

However, a bachelor’s degree will not be enough for to make one a foreign affairs analyst. Students must continue postgraduate studies so they can earn their master’s and/or doctoral degrees. In many programs, completion of a bachelor’s degree is a requirement to entry in a master’s degree program. At the College of Professional Studies in Northeastern University, the Master of Science in Global Studies and International Relations can be completed in one to two years if a student studies fulltime.

For students who are already working entry-level jobs after getting their bachelor’s degree but want to continue to earn their postgraduate degree so they can become full-fledged foreign affairs analysts, one of the most practical ways to earn a master’s degree is to enroll in an online program. American University’s School of International Service offers the Master of Arts in International Relations program online. Students need to finish 39 credit hours to complete the program. American Public University also offers the Master of Arts in International Relations and Conflict Resolution-Capstone Option which is a 36-credit hour course designed to be completed in two years.

Online programs are considered as the ideal educational preparation for working professionals who want the flexibility to juggle the responsibilities they have at school, work and for those who are married, their families. Some students take only a few courses at a time so they can provide ample attention to all their responsibilities. This arrangement, however, can lengthen the time they need to complete their master’s degree to well over two years.

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