How Long Does Human Resource Management School Take?

Human resources managers are an integral part of any organization. They are responsible for ensuring that the employees recruited are the right fit for the organization. They serve as the bridge between the employees and the executives in top management as they strive to foster a positive work environment for everyone in the company.

If you have strong interpersonal skills and are interested in becoming a human resource manager, you will need to go to school to get the necessary educational preparation. Courses in human resources, ethics, research methodology, legal issues in human resources, recruitment and retention, employee and labor relations and leadership fundamentals are just some of the topics that will be included in the coursework when you attend human resource management school.

Human resources managers typically need a bachelor’s degree and some work experience in the field to qualify for this position. However, there are some posts that will require a master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in human resource management typically takes four years to finish for students who study fulltime. A master’s degree in human resources, labor relations or related fields can take anywhere from one to two years to finish. Another common postgraduate course for human resource management professionals is a master’s of business administration (MBA) degree which also take a couple of years to complete.

One example of a human resource management undergraduate program is offered by Capella University online—the Bachelor of Science in Business with a Human Resource Management Specialization. To graduate, students need to finish 180 program credits. Students who can take two courses per quarter can finish the program in four years while those who take three courses per quarter can complete it in just three years. Taking only one course per quarter will take you much longer to finish the degree at around eight years.

A Master of Professional Studies Degree in Human Resources is also offered by the School of Continuing Studies of Georgetown University. Students need to finish 33 credits or 10 courses. If students take two courses every semester, the program can be completed in two years. However, they are given until five years to complete the program at their own pace. Courses are given in the evenings so it is possible for professionals to work and study at the same time.

What makes obtaining your human resources management degree online advantageous as far as the scheduling is concerned is that you can study at your own time frame. If you prefer to work fulltime while you are studying, you can do so due to the flexibility of an online program. However, you must keep in mind that to finish your course within your target date requires a lot of time management and self-discipline. You must still pass the tests and submit homework so you can comply with the requirements of the course and ultimately graduate. Not everyone possesses this kind of discipline so you should weigh closely if an online program will suit you or not.

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