How Long Does Industrial Engineering Technology School Take?

Industrial engineering technicians are integral in helping industrial engineers come up with programs that would enable companies and organizations to use their workers, materials and other resources in the most efficient way to possible. Under the supervision of industrial engineers, the focus of technicians is in gathering data and evaluating it closely before making recommendations on how production standards can be improved. Industries that need the expertise and skill of industrial engineering technicians include companies that manufacture semiconductor and other electronic components, aerospace products, plastics and rubber products and motor vehicle parts, among others.

A common educational preparation for aspiring industrial engineers is an associate’s or certificate program in industrial engineering technology. Community colleges, vocational schools and technical schools and colleges offer these programs. Associate’s degree programs typically take a couple of years to finish while certificate programs can be completed in a year or less.

For example, Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina offers an associate’s degree in industrial engineering technology. This is a 65-credit hour program that can be completed in two semesters and one summer. Students learn CAD, manufacturing processes, introduction to solid modeling, production and operations management, quality technology, productivity analysis and manufacturing quality control, among others. ITT Technical Institute also offers an associate of applied science degree in industrial engineering technology online. Students have to complete 93 credit hours to be able to graduate, with each course taught over a six-week or twelve-week period as decided by the school. Among the courses discussed in their program are cost estimating, statistical process control, problem solving theory and technical physics.

Wake Tech Community College also offers certificate programs in related fields of industrial engineering technology. The industrial management certificate is a 16-credit hour program while the advanced quality assurance certificate is comprised of 12 credit hours.

A few schools offer a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology. For example, Dunwoody College of Technology provides graduates of a two-year associate’s degree program the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology in just two years. The final semester in their program give students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in this field through an internship program. Engineering economics, Six Sigma and ergonomics and work measurement are just some of the topics included in their curriculum.

Another educational preparation for a career as an industrial engineering technician is that of industrial technology. Southeastern Louisiana University offers the bachelor of science in industrial technology degree which can be completed in four years as well as an associate of applied science in industrial technology which can be finished in two years.

If you are still in high school and are interested in pursuing a career in industrial engineering technology, you should start preparing yourself by taking math and science courses. You should also take drafting and computer-aided design courses since these will better prepare you for the rigors of the industrial engineering technology program.

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