How Long Does Information Technology School Take?

Computers, the Internet and their sophisticated tools and applications are the drivers behind many of today’s businesses and organizations. Websites serve as virtual storefronts for visitors while social media serves to engage both potential and existing clients. Applications for all sorts of tasks are now made at lightning speed that one would not have any difficulties in finding the app that makes doing a certain things easier and faster. All these fall in the realm of information technology (IT) and those who are interested in this field would do well to go to information technology school.

If you are interested in becoming an IT manager, IT technician, network technician or work in any other capacity that has to do with computers and the Internet, you’d be happy to know that there are many different educational paths you can take. The length of your education will depend on the degree you choose. You can take a certificate, associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. After pursuing undergraduate studies, you also have the option to pursue further studies in the field by obtaining a master’s degree and/or a doctoral degree.

Certificate programs in information technology typically take a year or less to complete. Associate degree programs offered in IT schools can take you anywhere from two to two-and-a-half years to finish while bachelor’s degree programs will require four to five years of undergraduate study. A master’s degree program can be completed in one to two years while a doctoral degree typically takes an average of five years to finish because of the dissertation requirement. Do understand, however, that a certificate and associate’s degree can land you entry-level positions in IT firms. That being said, your chances of getting hired are better if you obtain a bachelor’s degree in an IT school. Postgraduate degrees are needed for those who want to teach IT in colleges and universities.

There are IT schools that allow students to attend classes online. This kind of schedule is very convenient for those who don’t wish to stop working while pursuing their degrees. It also gives the added advantage of being able to apply what you have learned in school to your current work situation—that is, if you’re working in the world of computers and IT. However, this arrangement can take you longer to earn your degree. This is because you might not want to overload yourself with classes considering that you still need to comply with the requirements of the course if you want to obtain your degree. Balancing your academic requirements with your work and family responsibilities will require a lot of discipline and organization on your part.

To prepare yourself for IT school, it’s highly-recommended that you get a lot of experience when it comes to working with computers and the Internet even when you’re still in high school. Computer classes are one way to do this. You can also add to your experience by being a member of a computer and technology club in your school. Since computers and math are intertwined, getting classes in Math and Physics in high school will help. You would also do well to get English classes to improve your facility with the language.

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