How Long Does Linguistics School Take?

A linguistics degree opens many different doors for you depending on the field that you would like to bring your language expertise in. You could work as a translator for a private company or government agency in a foreign language that you are an expert in or instruct college students in the academe. If the world of computers interests you, a background in linguistics could get you a job in the computer industry where you could work in their artificial intelligence and speech recognition areas. You may even work in the field of criminal investigation as a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation where you will use your language training to go undercover, gather important information and investigate various cases.

Before you can work as a linguist, however, you need to undertake the necessary educational preparation in this field. The minimum requirement for an entry-level job as a linguist is a bachelor’s degree in linguistics or a field closely related to it such as anthropology, archaeology or foreign language. A master’s degree is a requirement in some positions while a doctoral degree is needed for teaching and administrative positions.

A bachelor’s degree in linguistics takes about four years to complete for students enrolled fulltime while a master’s degree usually takes two years to complete. A PhD in linguistics usually takes five years to finish. However, students taking a doctoral degree may be able to complete their degree earlier if they don’t have problems with their dissertation and have sufficient funds to do their research. Students who are enrolled part-time may take longer than these average time frames to complete their degrees since they only take a few units every semester. If you’re a part-time student, a bachelor’s degree can take five years or more to finish while a master’s degree can take three to four years depending on how many units you take. Doctoral degree programs can definitely take more than five years to complete.

If you intend to work while pursuing your degree, one option that you can take is to enroll in a linguistics program offered online. The advantage of online degrees is the flexibility that it gives you when it comes to deciding when you want to study and where you prefer to do so. For as long as you are proficient with using a computer and have a decent Internet connection, you can benefit from the convenience of online arrangements. These online programs also have similar completion times as traditional on-campus programs. At Ashford University, for example, the average completion time for the online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics degree is 208 weeks. Meanwhile, the MA Program in Applied Linguistics at UMass Online in Boston takes two years to finish.

If you wish to pursue a linguistics degree online, do take note that you need to be disciplined and organized. While the flexibility certainly allows you to work so you can help pay for your college costs, you need to keep in mind that you are responsible for complying with the requirements of your course. This means submitting assignments and other required coursework on time despite your responsibilities at work.

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