How Much Does A Dancer Make?

When based on the graceful and effortless movements of a dancer performing on stage, a career as a professional dancer seems very easy to do. But looks can be deceiving. It takes someone who is very dedicated and passionate about the craft to actually survive and make a living in this highly-competitive industry. In many cases, dancers are not in it for the money since work opportunities don’t even occur year-round. That being said, those who are truly zealous about the craft find this work fulfilling and often go on to open their own dance studios which can increase their income.

Dancer Salary By State

Rank State Hourly Rate
#1 Illinois $24.13
#2 Massachusetts $20.84
#3 Florida $18.67
#4 Virginia $18.08
#5 Pennsylvania $17.95
#6 California $17.95
#7 Utah $17.62
#8 Missouri $17.21
#9 Tennessee $17.02
#10 New York $16.26
#11 District of Columbia $15.93
#12 Hawaii $15.79
#13 South Carolina $14.91
#14 Ohio $14.76
#15 Colorado $14.27
#16 Rhode Island $13.42
#17 Iowa $12.86
#18 Texas $10.72

Career Spotlight: Dancer

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