How Much Does A Police Officer Make?

Becoming a police officer may not be the safest of careers to go into but for those who have the desire to keep families and citizens safe from the lawless elements of society, this is a very fulfilling profession. Financially, it’s not very lucrative when compared to the danger that police officers put themselves in every time they go to work. It still provides an above-average compensation package considering the overtime pay and other benefits that they receive.

Because this is a law enforcement career, another plus that police officers enjoy that other occupations don’t is the chance to retire early after a certain number of years in the service.

Police Officer Salary

Average Police Officer Annual Salary


The average annual salary for police officers is $62,790 a year. Salaries start at $34,270 a year and go up to $98,480 a year.

Average Police Officer Hourly Wage


The average hourly wage for a police officer is $30.19. Hourly wages were between $16.47 and $47.35 an hour.

Stats were based out of 662,500 employed police officers in the United States.

Does Your Pay Depend On Your Experience?

Executive Police Officer

$98,480/year $47.35/hour

(Top 10% of Police Officers)

Senior Police Officer

$78,170/year $37.58/hour

(Top 25% of Police Officers)

Mid Level Police Officer

$59,750/year $28.73/hour


Junior Police Officer

$44,050/year $21.18/hour

(Bottom 25% of Police Officers)

Entry Level Police Officer

$34,270/year $16.47/hour

(Bottom 10% of Police Officers)

Police Officer Average Salary Comparison

Detectives and Criminal Investigators
$81k / year
$39 / hour
Transit and Railroad Police
$67k / year
$32 / hour
Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers
$62k / year
$30 / hour
Fish and Game Wardens
$54k / year
$26 / hour
Correctional Officers and Jailers
$46k / year
$22 / hour
$45k / year
$21 / hour
Parking Enforcement Workers
$39k / year
$19 / hour

Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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