3 Ways To Attract Jobs To You Through LinkedIn

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

3 Ways To Attract Jobs To You Through LinkedIn

Are you like most job seekers who have a LinkedIn profile but don’t know “what to do” with it? Assuming that “what you want to do” is passively make yourself known to companies you may consider working for, here are three proven strategies for doing that. The tips below are applicable vertically all the way up to CXO titles.

Begin at the end and work backwards

  1. Identify your career goals by finding 1 to 3 representative job titles and descriptions. (use a job search engine like MFG Jobs). How do you pick out the best jobs for yourself? Here’s how: When you feel the excitement and exhilaration swell within you as you begin to imagine yourself in this new position you are reading about-that is a very authentic indication you are on the right track!
  2. Analyze this job description more closely. What is it about the position that is interesting and exciting to you? Write these thoughts down.
  3. Highlight the keywords and phrases about the position that resonate with you.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Your profile needs to be written UP TO your next role. The reason is so that prospecting hiring managers that find and review your LinkedIn profile can “see” you in a higher-level position. Keywords you found in your ideal role (step 1 above) that “match” your current responsibilities should be embedded into the specialty keyword section of your profile.

Additionally-match up your metric-driven results/accomplishments with your ideal job description. This is writing/matching your skills and abilities TO what you want vs. FROM where you have been. You may be shocked at the changes in responses/feedback you receive from others through LinkedIn when you use this marketing 101 technique.

Expand Your Network.

WHO do you want to work for and WHERE are they? The more you expand your network of connections with recruiters and people who work within your defined company parameters, the more people will be able to “see” you (as in-you will come up in their search results when they are keyword searching for people like you).

Personally, I don’t care whether I actually “know” people when I invite and accept invitations. What I am more interested in are their titles and industries-do they match the kinds of clients I can help? The same parameters can be true for you too.

For example, if you are in North Carolina looking for a fast-growth, mid-market manufacturer, then find it, and find the people that work there and connect with them! Are you a big fan of the company? Do you share a group with the contacts you have found? Are you in the same geographical area? These are all reasons I have personally used in the past that I have shared with potential connections for reaching out and inviting them to join my network.

Bonus Tip: Thought leadership.

Using activity broadcasts is a way you can share things with your LinkedIn network to stay top of mind and develop brand perception.

  • Did you attend an interesting TED Talk?
  • Manufacturing conference?
  • Perhaps you took a photo of yourself with the well-known industry keynote speaker?
  • Maybe you read a great book or article on Six Sigma or manufacturing trends?
  • Maybe you were a participant in a blog post of a well-known industry thought leader?

These are all things you can quickly share in your activity broadcasts once or twice a month. By the way, recruiters love this because you appear as active on LinkedIn-and many consider that to be the sign of a top candidate.

I never promote looking for work on LinkedIn. I consider this overexposure in most cases.

What LinkedIn is best for is soft promotion, leadership, credibility, and expanding your audience (network) to include key players, companies, and recruiters. You need spend only a few minutes on LinkedIn each week (sometimes less) to manage it effectively for yourself and reap a handsome ROI.

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