4 Tips For Landing A New Job Before It Is Advertised

4 Tips For Landing A New Job Before It Is Advertised

These days, with the economy being quite tight and consumer confidence rather up and down, the job landscape is very competitive. As a result, you will often find yourself having to go up against hundreds, if not even thousands, of other potential candidates for each position advertised. This not only makes it much harder to land your dream job or change careers, but also puts a lot more stress on you.

It’s important to know that there are some ways that you can “out-fox” the competition and get access to lots of job openings before they’ve even been made public. If you want to get yourself to the front of the queue for new positions on a regular basis, read on for four tricks that job searchers can utilize today.

1. Build Relationships With Recruiters

One of the best ways to hear about new jobs before they’re advertised is to get to know recruiters who specialize in your industry. If you take the time to develop relationships with them and let them know who you are, what skills you have, what your experience includes, and the type of role you’re after, you might find yourself receiving the inside scoop on an amazing new role before you know it.

Recruitment companies are in contact with new and existing clients regularly, so typically hear about job opportunities before they’re ready to be listed publicly. For recruiters, knowing top candidates early on, and being able to place someone before there is the need for a job to be advertised, saves time and helps them to better their relationships with clients. As a result, this strategy is a win/win for everyone involved.

Just don’t forget that recruiters are busy people with lots on their plates, so always be polite, friendly, and respectful of their time. In doing so, you never know what ideal opportunities might present themselves.

2. Be Proactive

Next, don’t be afraid of being proactive when it comes to your job search. You don’t have to wait for a position to become available. It pays to know the types of skills companies are likely looking for. Get in touch with them directly and submit your resume in case a position becomes available.

If a position does become available, the hiring manager or owner of the business may look through their collection of already-submitted applications to see if there is someone suitable on file. By being proactive and showing interest in working for the company, you can impress the decision makers straight away.

If you decide to use this tactic, just make sure that your resume is up to date (and properly tailored for each company) before you send it. To feel comfortable about this, it is worthwhile to get a free resume review where you can get some feedback on your current resume. You can also have some friends, family members, colleagues, or mentors look over your resume for you.

3. Networking

Networking is another activity you can undertake to try and find a job before it hits the market. This can be done either in person or through social media sites and other online means. Talk with your co-workers about how they landed their current or past positions. Odds are that you’ll find many people who say they came about it because of who they knew. This is where networking can come in so handy.

Once you have made some good contacts in your local area, within your specific industry, and/or within the firms you’d like to work for, you might find it surprising how many career opportunities present themselves to you. The more people you have within your network who know who you are, and what your skills and experience are, the better your chances will be of finding out about a great job before it gets advertised.

To do some effective networking:

  • Get to know people via social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Attend relevant industry events where you can meet like-minded people.
  • Stay in touch with previous co-workers and employers from your past workplaces.
  • Catch up with alumni from your university, school, or other educational provider.

4. Enroll in Internships or Volunteer Your Time

Another way to be “in the know” about new job openings is to enroll in internships or volunteer your time at the companies you would love to work for. Having the chance to work at these companies will not only give you the ability to hear about roles early on, but also provide you with the opportunity to impress employers or hiring managers during your time on the job.

Internships and volunteering also provide opportunities to build up your knowledge of the various firms you’re interested in and to learn how they work. This is something that can help when you apply for a position. Keep in touch with the contacts you make, so that they can alert you to any new roles that become available later on down the track.

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