8 Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

Your business branding is basically how the masses perceive your business, it’s the special feeling evoked in your customers upon thinking of the kind of value your product or service adds to their lives. The “brand” of your business is the image it represents through its logo or icon.

However, as time passes, a lot of changes can happen to your business, demanding a change in the overall attitude of your brand, this is called rebranding, which may very well fly over your head if you’re not attentive enough.

We’re here to help you determine if rebranding is the right move for your business, so here are 8 signs telling you it’s time to rebrand:

1.  Your Brand is Too Complex

It’s very crucial that your brand or logo conveys a clear message to your target audience, it should be clean and focused as to what you offer and what your customers should expect.

A lot of the time, the problem isn’t a bad business idea or service, it’s just a logo that’s too confusing to a point where customers don’t even understand what you’re offering.

If your brand makes your audience glaze over, too loud, or too lacking, you should definitely consider a rebranding remedy.

2.  Your Brand is Too Boring

A unique brand is your weapon against the sea of hungry business sharks out there, it’s what keeps you alive. Your brand should stand out from the crowd, sometimes it can be the one thing that sets you ahead of the competition and keeps your business memorable.

If your branding is too boring or resembles those of other companies, you’ll soon discover the negatives of such a fault and people will forget your business ever existed.

In this case, rebranding can be a magical solution to restore inspiration into your message. A brainstorming session should be a fun and effective way for you to experiment with new logo ideas.

3. You’re Embarrassed to Acknowledge it

Picture yourself handing out your business card to potential clients, are you proud of how your brand looks and represents your vision? Or are you too worried that the outdated design is going to lose you some customers?

Depending on your answer and your “gut” feeling, we can decide whether or not you should rebrand. Obviously, if you’re pleased with your current brand design, then the situation is probably under control.

However, having your branding embarrass you so much that you start doubting if you should actually introduce it to people, then it’s surely time for a change.

4. Your Business Has a Different Vision

This is usually the case when a company has been around for quite a while that it witnesses cultural changes. For example, if your brand is based on a certain reference or idea that was popular 20 years ago, it may no longer be relatable or even appealing to today’s modern society.

Similarly, the meaning of a particular phrase or word in your brand may have acquired a new meaning that no longer expresses your vision. In any case, if your brand doesn’t match your message anymore, you’d do well to look into rebranding.

5. Your Business Has a New Offering

Your business may arrive at a point where it’s going through major changes and taking opportunities to add new services that address the current needs of the masses. While this is essentially a good thing for business, rebranding can take it to a whole new level.

Translating new offers and expansions into your logo is an excellent way to let your audience know of your recent launches and updates, it also reestablishes the connection customers have with your business which is always welcomed.

6. Your Trying to Shed Old Skin

On the other side, sometimes fortifying the connection between your brand and the public is the last thing you want! This is most likely the result of one of two possibilities: your business branding has been associated with either a bad reputation or the wrong audience.

The first scenario is definitely more common. We witness brands hit the hay practically every day, especially nowadays with so many social and political hazards that a single word can ruin your entire image. Businesses are walking on thin ice, and if you’ve, unfortunately, been stuck on a castaway island, rebranding may be the only real solution to make a comeback.

The second situation may not be very likely, but it can still happen where your business becomes closely linked to a negative type or group of users. This also calls for a rebranding strategy to disassociate your business from such a label.

7.  Your Business Is Going Through a Merger or Acquisition

It’s becoming the new normal for companies to join forces and form a bigger and stronger entity. This often occurs when certain businesses aren’t growing as expected or can’t keep up with the market demands. The current world economy is definitely not helping the situation, and so, more mergers and acquisitions are taking place.

That being said, if your company is undergoing such a process, rebranding can be the ultimate game-changer. It’s critical for the new brand to represent the “union” of business, tying all the elements under one appropriate “mother” brand.

8. Your Business isn’t Attracting Top Quality Calibers

The lack of top talent could be one of the reasons your business isn’t flourishing as much as you’d want it to. If your brand image isn’t portraying the company for its high credibility and value in the market, this may be why it’s failing to attract employees with the best skills and widest experience.

If your current brand is setting you back in the workforce market and chasing away quality candidates, then rebranding could be the perfect resort to reinventing your core message and overall image for both the business future and the audience.

Wrap Up

Rebranding isn’t an easy decision to make, it generally requires a lot of work and research to ensure the best outcome. However, it can be quite confusing whether or not it’s time to rebrand your business, so recognizing the signs is undoubtedly the first step on your path.

They may hit you straight in the face or remain hidden, either way, we’re confident our tips will help you spot them. One more thing, if you’re thinking it’s time to rebrand, this might be your first clue!

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