A Flexible Work Schedule Can Help You Balance Your Life

A Flexible Work Schedule Can Help You Balance Your Life

These days you may not get a lot of choice with your work schedule, but what if you do? A lot of us are programmed to think about just looking for your standard 9-to-5, forty-hours-a-week job, but what about jobs with part time schedules or flex schedules? What about working multiple jobs instead of just one job? Have you ever really thought about what might be best for you?

Ask yourself what’s important to you as far as your time goes, and how much money you need to make. If there are two earners in your household, you may be able to work part time instead of full time. This is great if you’re trying to start your own business on the side, working on another project, or you’re a mom or dad trying to raise the kids. Working a couple of part time jobs is another alternative to working one full time job.

If you do this, it’s usually best if neither of them have flex hours, however, since that way they won’t interfere with each other. If you live in a rural area, this is a more common way of doing things than it is in the city.

What about flex hours?

There are benefits and drawbacks to working jobs which can vary in terms of time. One drawback is that your hours may or may not be guaranteed; always ask a hiring manager about this during your interview. Not only your schedule might vary, but also the number of hours per week you are going to work. For some people this isn’t a big deal since their budgets permit some flexibility; for others it could be a disaster.

Are you suited to a job which has varying hours?

Some people enjoy this because it adds some variation to their schedules, and they get bored with a routine. Others hate it because they thrive on routine, and unpredictability upsets their schedules, their sleep, and their time with their loved ones. Still others prefer flex schedules because flexible sometimes means flexible for you and not just your employer. Sometimes this can play to your advantage if you need to schedule an appointment, or you want to attend some kind of function or activity, or even if you want to space things out so you get a longer weekend. Try to figure out what your personality calls for and what your needs are, and then apply to jobs which are more likely to be suitable than those which aren’t.

The 40-hour workweek is something a lot of us take for granted, but it’s not the only type of work schedule out there.

Flexible schedules and part time jobs have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to figure out what would really be best for your personal and professional life. This is just one of many quality of life issues to consider when you’re applying for jobs and considering whether to accept an offer, so make sure you talk about it during your interview.

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