Boosting Your Resume For Today’s Job Market

Boosting Your Resume For Today's Job Market

It’s no big secret that today’s job market is incredibly tough on young people, and specifically on college graduates. So many bright and promising individuals graduate from top universities only to find that that perfect job isn’t there waiting for them. Many of these graduates are learning the hard way that a college degree – even one from one of the best universities in the country – does not guarantee a job.

The fact is, with the economy in an extended rough patch and jobs hard to come by, companies in all different industries are simply looking for different things these days. This isn’t to say, by any means, that a strong college degree isn’t on the list of things employers are looking for. But, more and more, they tend to be weeding out applicants by way of asking for specific skill sets and abilities, rather than education backgrounds. And many of the skills and bits of knowledge that can help a resume in today’s applicant pools stand out have to do with technology.

Here are a few specific ways in which you can boost your resume through familiarity with new (and new-ish) tech.

Boost your social media profile online

Employers these days often ask for your LinkedIn profile or Facebook page, which in many ways can even substitute for a resume. Taking the time to make your social profiles professional, revealing, and impressive can certainly pay off.

Familiarize yourself with advanced file sharing and cloud computing

Companies like Share File provide these services, and they’re being implemented by more and more business environments. Knowledge of and experience with advanced file sharing can show that you will transition easily into a business environment.

Learn basic coding

Plenty of jobs out there have nothing to do with computer programming or coding, but the ability to practice basic HTML is incredibly valuable. A single, honest line on your resume advertising that you are familiar with coding can make you a much more appealing applicant.

Understand marketing concepts

Marketing familiarity is fast becoming a standard request on job applications, and while to some extent you need to learn from experience, you should at least understand the purpose and practice of marketing.

Operate your own website

Once a demanding request, this is now a relatively simple way to diversify your profile as an applicant. From personal blogs, to dynamic websites on any topic you please, the ability to maintain and organize a website can be impressive to anyone in a hiring position.

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect formula for getting a job in such a difficult market.

Taking advantage of technology and boosting your resume through demonstrating this knowledge and experience can certainly give you a leg up on the competition. If you’re bright and hard-working, all you need is to make yourself noticed.

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